Things to do with "The Kindness War"

Well you could try reading it, but I suppose that's just too boring and conformist for you. Yes you need something trendy to do with it. Fine! Don't worry about me toiling away, you just...(Ed. rant interrupted for forceful medication...)

1. Several tens of thousands of copies of "The Kindness War" can be dipped in concrete, glued together, and used to create a sturdy shelter.

2. Height challenged people may adhere "The Kindness War" to their shoe heel; increasing confidence, and providing additional foot protection.

3. For Americans: Attaching a machine gun to "The Kindness War", going to the mall, and opening fire, shows "The Kindness War" can promote second amendment rights.

4. Sadly, "The Kindness War" is not made from fissile material. It is therefore useless for world domination purposes.

5. For Australians: "The Kindness War" makes an excellent source of ignition for Barbecues.

6. To promote world peace and understanding, nice things can be written on the margins of "The Kindness War" and handed to your bitterest, lifelong enemies.