Things you would rather

not know about the

Kindness War

So! you though you'd find something entertaining here did you, huh! That's just the sort of shallow, easily distracted person you are. Go back to your fancy gravel cushing business and leave me in peace.

  • It's a novel 110,000 words long, approximately.
  • It's high in fibre (if printed and eaten).
  • Those I have threatened said very nice things about it.
  • It's unpublished- I'm in the early days of trying to get it published.
  • It is not licensed as a form of transport in Nevada, Queensland, York, or indeed, any other place.
  • It does not come in a range of flavours, in fun size, in lunch-box versions, in a range of colours, with side air bags, or with a pet hair remover. It will store a total of 0 songs. WIll only work as a mobile phone, if a mobile phone is attached to it.
  • It potentially offends; The gun enthusiast,The sports enthusiast, The religious, The New Age believer, The "Alternate Medicine" enthusiast, the "spiritual" , the rich, the avid consumer, the obsessively vain and fashionable and just about everyone else. I tried to be as equitable as possible in distributing offence, but may have missed some groups. Please contact me for a personal insult if this novel doesn't provide a general one.