• Criticisms of The
    • Kindness War

How do I get criticisms before publishing? None of your business- why don't you go back to hanging around high school websites and teasing trolls. That's all your sort are good for.

I would like to buy the helicopter landing rights to that book - The Dadaist Collective

That horrible book impregnated my hamster, then ate it - The National Enquirer

Kindness War neither sends flowers, nor takes me out to dinner anymore. - Madonna

There was very little fish related in this book-disappointing-oh, I forgot- I'm dead - Jacques Cousteau

That book is in hideously bad taste, incidentally, I'm dead too. - Elvis Presley

Kindness War reflects the objectivist, phallocentric,imperialist, bankrupt western hegemony. - A sociology student

I did not have sex with that novel! - Bill Clinton

Didn't I tell you not to scroll down here? That's it, I've had with you and your devil-may-care scrolling ways. I'm moving out and taking the goldfish with me.