Tom Beaudoin, Ph.D., Fordham University, New York City

My Curriculum Vita can be found here. The Rock and Theology (2009-2014) archives are here.

I am associate professor of religion in the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University in New York City, and I currently serve as the president of the Association of Practical Theology.

I am interested in how people learn to find something from their culture of special significance for making their way through life. I'm particularly drawn to how musical experience is significant in that way, or how music influences what is otherwise taken to be the claiming power in people's lives. It is mostly "popular music" that interests me in this regard -- as an influential form of everyday art, experience, and formation in contemporary "secular" cultures around the world. By "musical experience," I mean performing as a musician and/or being a fan of music, I mean seeing live music, listening to it, talking about music, reading about it -- basically everything related to being a part of musical cultures to the extent that music is an effective force in one's life.

I also study how experiences that are "secularly," "spiritually," or "religiously" important for people come about, are conceived, and make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Within this focus, I am drawn to the rich and complex interrelationship between (concepts and experiences of) "secular" practices and "spiritual" or "religious" practices. What compels me is the personal-social importance and complexity of the way that identities are put together whenever they let onto a sense for what matters most. I find that the study of religion and its "others" (such as secularity or irreligion), when related critically to other fields, can help to creatively examine and appreciate these ideas and experiences of what matters most, and the accounts of ultimacy to which they may be tied.

My projects presently include:

*Outside Religion in Practice; a philosophy of religious practice accounting for affiliated, marginally affiliated, nonaffiliated, and multiply affiliated persons

*Somatica Divina: Body and Race in the Spiritual Significance of Music; an exploration of the role of the performing body in the spiritual significance of music, particularly as understood with reference to race in the United States

I have been playing electric bass since 1985 and in these bands:
Vision (Independence, Missouri, 1986-1987); Household Word (Kansas City, Missouri, 1990-1992); (e)X nihilo (Boston, Massachusetts, 1997-1999); Incizion (Boston, 2002-2004); Childhood Scar (Boston, 2004); One15 (San Francisco, California, 2005-2006); Stent (San Jose, California, 2006-2007); Speedwalker (San Jose, 2007-2008).

I currently play bass in two New York City-area bands: The Raina (website / Facebook) (2011-present) and The Particulars (2011-present).

I am married to Dr. Martina Verba, a psychotherapist, and with our daughter we live near New York City.
(My contact information: Graduate School of Religion, Fordham University, 441 East Fordham Road, New York, New York, United States, 10458-9993;; telephone: 718.817.5965)