Tom Beaudoin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religion

Fordham University, New York City

Let the universe be intuited and worshiped in all ways. Innumerable forms of religion are possible, and if it is necessary that each become real at some time, then it would at least be desirable that one could have an intimation of many at all times.

Friedrich Schleiermacher, "Fifth Speech" (Schleiermacher, On Religion, Crouter translation, 1996, p. 123)

My CV is here.

I work as associate professor of religion in the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University in New York City.

I am interested in how what matters most to people comes about and is practiced, and particularly how the mattering and the practices are entangled in experiences, concepts and accounts considered "religious," "spiritual," "secular," or otherwise marked off as fundamentally special, different, or powerful.

My research areas are: theologies, philosophies, and religious studies of practice; comparative spiritual exercises; concepts and practices of religious disaffiliation/affiliation; powers of popular music understood as secularly/ religiously/spiritually/theologically significant.

My current book projects include:

Practicing Nothing, an exploration of the potential of the concept and experience of "nothing" as a decompression chamber for the Christian-centrism of practical theology, rendering the theological significance of practice permeable by multireligious/multisecular "others";

Faith in Music, a study of how religious and nonreligious heritages complexly influence popular musicians such that their music both expresses and reconstructs these heritages, in ways that matter for the promotion today of diverse, decolonial ways of life.

I serve on the Editorial Board of the Theology in Practice book series (Brill), and I am a Past-President of the Association of Practical Theology. I have chaired the following program units in professional societies: the Practical Theology Group (American Academy of Religion), the Practical Theology Topic Session (Catholic Theological Society of America), and the Foucault Consultation (American Academy of Religion). I have been a member of the International Academy of Practical Theology since 2007 and of the American Academy of Religion since 1995.


Alongside research and teaching, I am a musician. I have been playing electric bass since 1985, and have played in these bands: Vision (Independence, Missouri, 1986-1987); Household Word (Kansas City, Missouri, 1990-1992); (e)X nihilo (Boston, Massachusetts, 1997-1999); Incizion (Boston, 2002-2004); Childhood Scar (Boston, 2004); One15 (San Francisco, California, 2005-2006); Stent (San Jose, California, 2006-2007); Speedwalker (San Jose, 2007-2008); The Particulars (New York, 2011-2015); The Raina (New York, 2011-2016). Since 2016, I have been playing in the New York City-based band Wheels Off. Upcoming shows: Upstream Gallery (acoustic set) Saturday 11 May 2019, 7:30; RiverArts Music Tour, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, Saturday 1 June 2019.


I am married to Dr. Martina Verba, a psychotherapist, and with our daughter we live near New York City.

Contact information: Fordham University, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, 441 East Fordham Road, New York, New York, United States, 10458-9993; email:; office phone: +1.718.817.5965.

Member of the American Association of University Professors since 2006.

Photo credit at left: Fordham University

I feel at home whenever the unknown surrounds me. | Björk, "Wanderlust" (Volta, 2009)

Expound the inconceivable--endless. | Dogen quoting Rujing in "Everyday Activity," trans. Arnold Kotler and Kazuaki Tanashi, in Tanahashi (ed.), Treasury of the True Dharma Eye (Boston: Shambhala, 2012), p. 624