Taro Kumano

Current Position

    Associate Professor, 
    Department of Economics and Graduate School of International Social Sciences, 



    kumano-taro-sp [at] ynu.ac.jp
    tkumano2008 [at] gmail.com


Fields of Interest

    Microeconomic Theory, Market Design

Publications/Accepted papers:

    "Efficiency and stability under substitutable priorities with ties" (2019) link
        with Aytek Erdil, Journal of Economic Theory, 184, 104950.
    • An earlier version was circulated with the title "Prioritizing Diversity in School Choice" 
    • Extended Abstract of an earliest version is in Proceedings of the Second Conference on Auctions, Market Mechanisms, and Their Applications (AMMA 2011), LNICST 80, pp.60-61. Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (2012).
    "Nash implementation of constrained efficient stable matchings under weak priorities" (2017) link
        Games and Economic Behavior, 104, 230-240.

    "Strategy-proofness and stability of the Boston mechanism: an almost impossibility result" (2013) link
        Journal of Public Economics, 105, 23-29.

    "Dominant strategy implementation of stable rules" (2012) link
        with Masahiro Watabe, Games and Economic Behavior, 75(1), 428-434.

    "Untruthful dominant strategies for the deferred acceptance algorithm" (2011) link 
        with Masahiro Watabe, Economics Letters, 112(2), 135-137.
Working Papers: 
  • Matching with interdependent choices (2021), [joint with Kyohei Marutani] available upon request
  • Quota Adjustment Process (2019), [joint with Morimitsu Kurino] available upon request
  • Designing the Market Structure in Matching Problems (2019), [joint with Morimitsu Kurino and Kyohei Marutani]

Old papers:

2021 - 2022:     

    Public Economics (Grad)    April - July

    Introduction to Microeconomics (Undergrad)    April - July
Undergrad Research Seminar:
  • My Risk Loving students
            Kyohei Marutani* (BA 2015 @ YNU) 
                Bachelor thesis "Gaming the deferred acceptance when message spaces are restricted," link
                    Currently, a post doctoral fellow @ University of Tokyo
            Yusuke Iwase (BA 2017 @ YNU)
                Bachelor thesis "Equivalence theorem in matching with contracts"
                Currently, a grad student @ University of Tokyo
            Wataru Ishida* (BA 2017 @ YNU)
                Bachelor thesis "How to find a stable and efficient matching: the Top Trading cycles mechanism for weak priorities"
                Currently, a grad student @ University of Rochester            
            Akina Yoshimura* (BA 2020 @ YNU)
                Currently, a grad student @ Boston College
            Shoya Tsuruta (BA 2020 @ YNU)
                Currently, a grad student @ University of Tokyo

            * main advisor

Last Update: Feb. 15, 2021