Research on laser functionalization of matter


Dr. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien
PhD in Ultrashort laser interaction with solids.
  • Marie-Curie Individual Fellow 2015-2017 (MSCA)
  • Post-doc scientists of the Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPSD, Hamburg)
  • Senior post-doctoral scientist at HiLASE Centre, Institute of Physics (Prague)
  • Member of the French Physical Society (SFP). 
  • Member of the European Physical Society (EFP).
  • Referee for Nature Publishing Group, American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, Optical Society of America. 
I study fundamentals of laser light interaction with matter. I work on several applications in the following domains: nanostructures for  plasmonics and photonics, laser assisted atomic probe tomography, and laser processing.

Since March 2018, I am post-doctoral scientist at Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter (Hamburg) in the Theory group of Prof. Angel Rubio.

Since September 2017, I am Senior Researcher at Hilase Centre, in the "Group of Scientific Applications" of Prof. N.M. Bulgakova.

From September 2015 to August 2017, I'm working for the QuantumLaP project (Individual Fellowship of Marie Curie Actions, Horizon 2020 - EU/MSCA/IF) aiming to achieve a quantitative description of coupling of light and matter in semiconductors in view of developing new applications.

In February 2015, we, with Prof. Bulgakova, successfully obtained a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the European Commission to settle at HiLASE during 2 years, including a stay of 6 months in the Theory Group of the Max Planck Institute for Structural Dynamics of Matter lead by Prof. Angel Rubio and Dr Heiko Appel.

In July 2014, I joined the group of Prof. Nadezhda Bulgakova supported by HiLASE program in Prague, Czech Republic.

In Feb. 2013, I joined the group of Jörn Bonse and Jörg Krüger supported by the Adolf Martens fellowship program at the BAM Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing, Berlin.

Research activities 

My research is focused on understanding the physical mechanisms resulting from ultrashort laser interaction with matter. Such processes lead to the formation of periodic structures for microstructuration and functionalization of materials.

For example, one can improve the efficiency of solar cells, and also leads to atom by atom evaporation on nanoscopic tips.

I develop models and numerical methods to reveal the underlying mechanisms of various laser processes. The results allow to optimize the efficiency of existing processes, and to propose new techniques. 

My current activities are focused on:
  1. Explaining the formation of periodic surface structures due to surface electromagnetic wave generation, and capillary wave generation
  2. Explaining the mechanisms of atomic evaporation of laser-assisted field emission
For example, the Figure presents the typical structures formed after several pulsed laser irradiations of a metal, semiconductor or dielectric sample, at an energy near from the modification threshold. 

In details, the proposed methods consist in:

  1. modeling and calculate the laser light absorption due to the generation of free-carriers and their transport;
  2. model the phase transitions, such as melting, ablation and resolidification of the laser irradiated materials;
  3. calculate the types of generated surface waves (plasmon polaritons, phonon polaritons),
  4. confirm the observed processes by performing theoretical analysis in electrodynamic and hydrodynamic description

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Thesis manuscript

Thibault J.-Y. Derrien,
Fr: Nanostructuration de cellules photovoltaiques par impulsion laser ultracourte. Étude numérique des mécanismes de formation.
English title: "Nanostructuring of photovoltaic cells induced by ultrashort laser pulses. Numerical study of formation mechanisms."
Ecole Doctorale des Sciences de la Matière,
Aix-Marseille Université, Février 2012 (In french).
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