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Dear Titus 2 Homeschoolers Newsletter members,

Exciting News! FPEA membership registration is available to you at a discounted rate through our group. There are so many benefits beyond a large discount on convention that those of you unable to attend will still want to receive.  The Connect magazine and online access to the Guide to Homeschooling in Florida are just a few of the “worth their weight in gold” FPEA benefits you will receive. In light of recent events and the current administration’s stance on homeschooling rights, by joining you are uniting with homeschool voices across the state insuring we never lose our right to homeschool. Joining now is easier than ever.

To JOIN or RENEW go to www.fpea.com  and click JOIN under Membership tab.

1. Complete the form

2. On the check out page enter the coupon code you receive from support group in the coupon field.

3. Complete purchase

You are done! It is as simple as that and for LESS THAN A DIME A DAY!!



The fee is $30 for those who join through an FPEA-recognized group, and $40 for individual memberships.

Membership Form: https://fpea.com/forms/fpea-membership-form

The FPEA unites and connects more homeschoolers in Florida than any other organization, equipping you on your homeschooling journey and serving as your voice in protecting your legal right to home-educate in the Sunshine State. Consider these FPEA member benefits:

Connection to Experts —The FPEA delivers personal access to District Directors. Just a call or a click away, these experienced homeschoolers answer questions, offer encouragement, communicate timely information and identify trends. Your FPEA District Directors also work with you in dealing with local school officials, making sure homeschool laws are understood and followed. The FPEA Guide to Homeschooling in Florida (free access for members) keeps 100-plus pages of expert advice at your fingertips. Also, the members-only Connect magazine (about to replace the Almanac newsletter) is packed with helpful articles.

Protection of Your Rights —We help safeguard your legal right to homeschool by keeping its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Tallahassee and Washington. The FPEA partners with the Home Education Foundation (a full-time lobbyist) and the Home School Legal Defense Association. The annual FPEA Day at the Capitol shows legislators that homeschoolers have a united voice. The FPEA also organizes and promotes a statewide network of local homeschool support groups, with the FPEA website being a one-stop shop for information on groups in your area and how to connect with them. In addition, the annual FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention unites thousands of homeschoolers statewide.

Discounts and Opportunities —FPEA members receive a deep discount on Convention registration (and a free advance copy of the Convention program), discounts on educational merchandise from participating vendors, and savings on HSLDA membership. The FPEA enables high school seniors to experience the joy of wearing a cap and gown at the FPEA Statewide Graduation Ceremony. Also, the FPEA Homeschool Foundation provides opportunities for college scholarships.

The benefits of FPEA membership far exceed the still-low annual fee.

FPEA Board of Directors

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Equipping your homeschool journey through practical information, positive encouragement and personal engagement.


Who is the FPEA

The FPEA serves thousands of homeschooling families in Florida, delivering a wealth of support, guidance and information to both new and longtime home educators. The "FPEA Experience" involves a banding together of homeschoolers to accomplish the task of developing academic and personal excellence by sharing resources, creating connections, enhancing relationships and breaking down barriers. Acknowledging there is no one "right" way to educate, the FPEA acts as an ambassador and champion, serving and protecting the rights and choices of all homeschoolers.


The Florida Parent-Educators Association exists solely to serve homeschooling families in Florida. It executes that mission through support for the legal right to homeschool, local school board education and interaction, support group networking, a state convention, local conferences and events, informative communications, and individual encouragement, all in accordance with Judeo-Christian principles.



FPEA eNewsletter March 2016

Note from Chairman, Convention Scholarship, and more!

Spring has Sprung!!!

The newness of Spring always makes me feel refreshed! I so enjoy seeing the new blooms and new life all around us, not to mention the vibrant colors and the hint of summer just around the corner. We are so blessed to enjoy a magnificent world around us that reminds us that new is good and refreshment is needed!

New and refreshing are the perfect terms to describe FPEA right now! We are working on all of the plans for the 2016 FPEA Homeschool Convention, and I must say that we are excited about new opportunities for our families to renew and refresh this year. You will want to keep an eye out for your convention program that will have all the details about new activities and, of course, information on all of the familiar offerings that you have come to love and appreciate at our state convention.

Speaking of renewal….FPEA is excited to be able to offer a brand new opportunity for Certified teachers and evaluators to earn Continuing Education Units toward renewing your teacher certification! FPEA is the first homeschool convention in the nation to partner with ACTS and offer the opportunity for you to receive valuable credit for the valuable knowledge you earn at an FPEA workshop. We are so excited to have made this connection and hope that you will take advantage of it this year!

We hope to see you in May! But first, you have to be sure to register for convention and secure your place at the beautiful Gaylord Palms! There is no better place in the nation to renew and refresh as your prepare for the upcoming school year!

If you have already registered, make sure to share the excitement with every other homeschool family that you know! We can’t wait to see you :)

Embracing it all!

Suzanne Nunn

FPEA Chairman

Adventures of Rush Revere Military Family Convention Scholarship

Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh created the Adventures of Rush Revere Series with a mission to engage young readers by taking them back through time travel to American history.

As part of their commitment to homeschooling families and those who serve, they are offering a special scholarship for military families attending FPEA in May. The Adventures of Rush Revere is offering a paid convention registration to the first 30 active duty military families who apply via the scholarship form below.You must be an FPEA member to apply. This is a first come, first served opportunity so apply now!

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE https://fpea.com/events/11572/05-26-2016/2016-fpea-convention/adventures-rush-revere-military-family-convention-schol


Calling all PATRIOTS! This is a defining year in our nation and in our association. We feel it is an exciting time—a time for celebration and action.

The Thursday night Town Hall is a new addition to the FPEA Convention schedule. This will be a ceremony of patriotism and liberty.

Thursday, 8PM

Special Guest Speaker: Rick Green, Wallbuilders          

Is the American Experiment of Liberty Coming to an End?

America has for two centuries been the city on a hill, a beacon of liberty for the world. But in just a few short years, She has lost her moral authority and her economic dominance, while the liberties that made Her great have been eroded by unconstitutional overreaches of government power.

Can America be restored or is She too far gone? Rather than a doomsday approach, Rick Green answers this question with historical perspective

Annie Moses Band in Concert

Friday, May 27

The Annie Moses Band’s new album and show,

American Rhapsody, is a panoramic exploration of America and her music. Featuring favorites from Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Stephen Foster, and other American originals, the show is a melting pot of

Americana, folk, and classical. It’s a beautiful and transporting concert experience, giving

audiences a taste of the American musical kaleidoscope.



Meet our 2016 Convention Exhibitors!


Convention Get n Go meals are now available for order.

See menu and order here https://fpea.com/events/11572/05-26-2016/2016-fpea-convention/food-court-and-get-and-go-meals .

Class of 2016 Graduate!

Be Sure to join our Class of 2016 Facebook page. This is a great place to connect with fellow grads and stay up to date with information.  



Have you looked at the Member Benefits lately?


Be sure to check them out and make sure you are taking advantage of our MEMBER ONLY benefits!

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Members! - The Spring Connect is now available online.

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The new 2015-2016 Starting Point is here!!

Download a copy here http://fpea.com/about-homeschooling/starting-point or request copies from office@fpea.com

The 2015-2016 Guide to Homeschooling in Florida is now available online.

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Titus 2 Homeschoolers F.P.E.A. Support Group - Deadline Info

 *Note: All memberships are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Titus 2 Homeschoolers Christian Family FPEA Support Group

There are two different things we do.

One – We send out a free weekly Christian e-mail Newsletter as a ministry to homeschoolers in and around Alachua County. We send it to anyone who would like to receive it. It contains area events, meetings, and opportunities.
Archive of info in on web page: https://sites.google.com/site/titus2homeschoolers/home Please feel free to join in any activity.

Two – We are a F.P.E.A. Homeschooling Support group that you may join (which members also receive the same newsletter).
The group discount is $30.  You will need our Discount Coupon Code to sign up online.

If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail.

In Him,
Michael and Juli Stewart
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Equipping your homeschool journey through practical information, positive encouragement and personal engagement.

Guide to Homeschooling
F.P.E.A. Starting Point - An Introduction to Homeschooling in Florida
Whether your goal is a long distance marathon or a short sprint of only a year or two, you can begin your exciting first step right here. This publication, a courtesy of the Florida Parent-Educators Association — an association of parents already in the race — was created to give you the necessary information to help you  find the starting line, take off and run within the rules of the State of Florida. On your mark, get set ...


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