Research Statement


1. "Pre- and Postreform India: A Revised Look at Employment, Wages, and Inequality" (with Surjit S. Bhalla), India Policy Forum (a Journal Published by the Brookings Institution), Vol II, Issue 1, pp 183-254, 2005.


1. Mid-Year Review of the Economy, 2006-2007 India at a Structural Break
(with Surjit S. Bhalla and Rohit Chawdhry), Shipra Publications, ISBN -8175413697; ISBN13 -9788175413696

Working Papers
1. "Beating Work Stress: Role of Psychological Abilities and Aging in Choice of Occupational Stressfulness".
Full Text available upon request.

2. "Heterogeneity in the Production of Human Capital" (with Solomon W. Polachek and Rewat Thamma-Apiroam), revise and resubmit (second round), The Journal of Political Economy, IZA Discussion Paper No. 7335.
Abstract, Full Text available upon request.

3. "Unanticipated Effects of California's Paid Family Leave Program",
(with Solomon W. Polachek) (Submitted).
Abstract, Full Text is available upon request.

4. "Estimating Labor Force Incomers and Outgoers: An Augmented Two Tier Stochastic Frontier Estimation Approach".
Abstract, Full Text is available upon request.

5. "Does Rising Supply of Skilled Labor Raise Demand For Skill Biased Technology?: Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing Industries, 1970-1990" (with Subal C. Kumbhakar).
Abstract, Full Text is available upon request.

6. "Why Be Afraid of the Truth? Poverty, Inequality and Growth in India, 1983-2000" (with Surjit S. Bhalla), Oxus Research and Investments, New Delhi, December 6, 2004.
Abstract, Full Text(available upon request)

Work in Progress

1. "Effect of Labor Laws On Educational and Health Outcomes" (with Surjit S. Bhalla).

2. "Does Self-esteem Matter for Employment Search Intensity?" (with Douglas Webber).

3. "Effect of Psychological Motives on Life-cycle Economic Outcomes'' (with Charlotte Phelps and Donald Hantula).

4. "Does Self-esteem Matter for Occupational Choices?'' (with Kabir Dasgupta).