Talking About Reading As Thinking: Modeling the Hidden Complexities of Online Reading Comprehension* by Julie Coiro, University of Rhode Island

Companion website to Coiro, J. (2011). Talking about reading as thinking: Modeling the hidden complexities of online reading comprehension. Theory Into Practice: Themed issue on new and critical perspectives on reading comprehension and strategy instruction, 50(2), 107-115.

*This article was awarded the 2012 Frank Pajares Award for Outstanding Theory Into Practice Article at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in April, 2012. 

Teacher's guide for planning think-aloud lessons for online reading comprehension
Extended think-aloud model for Lesson 1: (includes guided practice phase)
How many individuals of Japanese descent were moved to relocation centers during World War II?

Extended think-aloud model for Lesson 2: (includes guided practice phase)
How do different authors portray the Japanese internment camp experience to readers?

Screencast of a think-aloud example for Lesson 2: Click here to view

Screenshots of website images that correspond to texts read for think-aloud comprehension lessons

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