Publications in scientific journals

  1. Food prices, government subsidies and fiscal balances, forthcoming in Development Policy Review 31(2) expected in March 2013. This is a revised and updated version of March 2012, co-authored with Ronald Albers, second version was published as Economic Paper in the DG ECFIN series European Economy of the European Commission no 437. Article Cooking up trouble at VOXEU. Earlier version was presented at the Mediterranean Research Meeting of the European University Institute at the workshop organised with Banca d'Italia Finance and Economic Development in the Mediterranean Area: The role of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. See also citations by among others Ianchovichina, , Loening and Wood (2012) and Jütting (2011).

  2. Demographic changes across the globe - Maintaining social security in ageing economies, 2012, World Economics 13(2), as working paper published under the same title in the EERI series, November 2011, co-authored with Loek Groot. Article Will EU-countries co-finance their ageing costs? (In Dutch: Gaan de Polen en de Grieken straks van ons geld met pensioen?), Me Judice on 7 November 2011.

    1. The impact of exchange rate volatility on trade integration among North and South Mediterranean countries, 2012, co-authored with Nidal R. Sabri and Diama K. Abulaban, forthcoming in International Journal of Business and Globalisation.

  3. Modelling unemployment in the presence of excess labour supply: An application to Egypt, Journal of Economics and Econometrics, December 2011 54(2):58-92. Appeared also as working paper titled Demographic pressure, excess labour supply and public-private sector employment in Egypt - Modelling labour supply to analyse the response of unemployment, public balances and welfare and as article Egypt's demographic pressure - where and how to create jobs? at VOXEU.

  4. The changing pattern in international trade and capital flows of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other oil-exporting countries, Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology 2011 1-7:356-384. Also Economic Paper in the DG ECFIN European Economy series of the European Commission in Brussels (Belgium) no 415. See also the pen is mightier than the sword and the information on the KOF index on globalisation.

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