Timsbury Cycle Group                                - follow us on Twitter @TimsburyCG

An informal group for road cyclists (both men and women) In and around Timsbury - Bath and North East Somerset.

We include riders who come from all the surrounding villages, including Timsbury, Farmborough, Paulton, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Peasedown St John, Tunley, Amesbury, Clutton, Marksbury, Carlingcott, Bishop Sutton and Pensford - sometimes as far out as Bath and Bristol.

We arrange rides between small groups of us to go out and about in the local area.

We focus on road bikes, drop bars, suited to the roads. (Although we are recently getting into a bit of light off-road too)
Year round, we go riding every weekend. Rides are usually on a Sunday morning at 7:30am, (although occasionally Saturday) when the local roads are the quietest. There are usually two speeds of group.

One group does a fast, hard, and hilly 15-16 miles per hour, for about 35-40 miles, and another group that does 11-13 miles per hour for about 28-33 miles at a more social pace. Rides will usually feature a coffee stop where both groups will meet up. There is a "Ride Rota" and each person gets a chance to choose the route and the coffee stop. It works really well, and no-one is lumbered with any admin. 

We leave from the Conygre Hall, Timsbury at 7.30am, sharp, and are generally back by 10:45- 11:00am. Our reasoning is, the earlier we leave, the earlier we will be back. Also, many of the riders have young families to get back to, and leaving early means it doesn't take over the whole day.

During the summer, when the nights are longer, we go out during the week too. These rides are usually a bit shorter, due to time constraints, and about 20 miles in length. For example a lap or two of Chew Valley lake. They tend to be arranged on a more ad-hoc basis. 

You are strongly recommended to check out the Q&A https://sites.google.com/site/timsburycyclegroup/QandA also have a look at the Gallery and Videos to see what a typical TCG ride looks like. (Search on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Google)

As of November 2017, there are 80-odd members of the Timsbury Cycle Group. 

We also feature on the bike50:50 "good list" of cycling groups that actively encourage and promote women cyclists in their group. See: https://bike5050.wordpress.com/ and check out "The Good list". 

We would love more women to come along with us, as the football and cricket teams in Timsbury don't have womens teams, but the TCG has always been open to women joining from the very start. If you would like to be the one to change that, please come along.

You will be able to set up your own rides, and you will be riding with some of the nicest, funniest, and most encouraging people you could ever hope to go out on a ride with.

Also, the TCG group is completely FREE to join, we don't charge anything, ever. Its just a place where like minded road bike enthusiasts can meet up and can arrange informal bike rides together.

Just turn up on your road/gravel bike/cyclocross bike and come out for a ride. I guarantee you'll love it. The more you get involved, the more fun you'll have.

If, after reading the Q & A, you think the TCG is for you and would like to come along to our next ride, write to: TimsburyCG@yahoo.co.uk . You can also check us out on Twitter @TimsburyCG, or search for Timsbury Cycle Group on YouTube, Instagram, Google, or Twitter, or follow the links on the left hand side of this page.

What are the best things about         "The TCG"?

The fitness benefits
If you are not fit already, you certainly will get a lot fitter if you come out either the 28 miler or the 35 miler! Some people like to come on the TCG rides for race or Sportive training.

The scenery 
We are based in the foothills of the Mendips, and blessed with spectacular scenery, hidden lanes, and some great vistas. Bath, Bristol, Wells, Frome, Mells, Cheddar, Nunney, Congresbury, Wellow, Bradford-on-Avon, are some of the places we might call into on a ride. 

Local knowledge
We know where we are going. And we love to share some great routes you will enjoy. Download them to your Garmin and join in the fun!

The banter!
We like a good chat on a ride! Especially anything to do with bikes! We don't have banners, we have banter!

The encouragement!
Everyone is encouraged to get fitter, and technically better on their bikes. You will certainly improve your bike skills, fitness, handling, technical and mechanical ability. All for free.