Working Papers and Work in Progress

Trimborn, T., Mortgage Debt and the US Current Account Deficit

Schünemann,  J., Trimborn, T., Boosting Taxes for Boasting about Houses: Status Concerns in the Housing Market, [2017 WP]

Schünemann,  J., Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., The Marriage Gap: Optimal Aging and Death in Partnerships, [2017 WP]

Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., Hyperbolic Discounting can be Good for your Health[2016 WP]

Strulik, H., Trimborn, T., Natural Disasters and Macroeconomic Performance[2016 WP]

Trimborn, T., Anticipated Shocks in Continuous-time Optimization Models: Theoretical Investigation and Numerical Solution, Discussion Paper, University of Hannover [2007 WP]