Algo Trading

Current Projects:

  1. ML Methods for portfolio optimization
  2. Algo trading strategies for equities, options, & futures
  3. Statistical arbitrage, with focus on volatility products
  4. Cryptocurrencies trading

Book: Optimal Mean Reversion Trading: Mathematical Analysis and Practical Applications [link]

Papers on optimal trading:

      1. Optimal Trading with Trailing Stop [pdf], submitted 2016 (with H. Zhang)
      2. Mean Reverting Portfolios via Penalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Optimization [pdf], 2018 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) (w. Jize Zhang and Aleksandr Aravkin)
      3. Sparse Mean-Reverting Portfolios via Penalized Likelihood Optimization, 2018 (w. Jize Zhang and Aleksandr Aravkin)
      4. How to Mine Gold Without Digging [pdf], submitted, 2018 (with Kevin Guo and Brian Ward)
      5. Optimal Dynamic Pairs Trading of Futures Under a Two-Factor Mean-Reverting Model [pdf], submitted, 2018 (with R. Yan)
      6. Optimal Timing to Trade Along a Randomized Brownian Bridge [pdf;link], Int. J. Financial Stud. 2018, 6(3), 75 (with J. Li, X. Li)
      7. Fast & Precautious: Order Controls for Trade Execution, RISK, April Issue, 2017 (with B. Bulthuis (KCG), J. Concha (Two Sigma), B. Ward)
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      9. Dynamic Index Tracking and Exposure Control Using Derivatives [pdf] submitted, 2017 (with B. Ward)
      10. Optimal Execution of Limit and Market Orders with Trade Director, Speed Limiter, and Fill Uncertainty [pdf], Journal of Financial Engineering, 2017 (with B. Bulthuis (KCG), J. Concha (Two Sigma), B. Ward)
      11. Optimal Mean-Reverting Spread Trading: Nonlinear Integral Equation Approach [pdf;link], Annals of Finance, 2017 (with Y. Kitapbayev)
      12. Optimal Risk Averse Timing of an Asset Sale: Trending vs Mean-Reverting Price Dynamics [pdf], submitted 2016 (with Z. Wang)
      13. Asynchronous ADRs: Overnight vs Intraday Returns and Trading Strategies [pdf], Studies in Economics & Finance, to appear, 2017
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