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Miscellaneous Notes for our family tree (not published online yet) - Updated December 18, 2011


We have assembled a family tree with over 70,000 names (see surname list below).  We are seeking to exchange information and old family pictures with distant cousins around the world.


Click these links to see our family pictures:


Karen (under construction)




We are looking for the following cousins on the Hay side of the family in Canada:


Gordon Hastie (AKA Bruce Hastie)

Jeanne Hastie (AKA Jean Hastie?)


These are the grandchildren of our great-uncle David and Catharine Maria "Katie/Kitty", by their daughter Carmen.  They lived in Ottawa/Nepean, Ontario.



On the Falconer side of the family, we are looking for:


Descendants of Charles Falconer.  He was born in Croy, Scotland 30 Apr 1856, and emigrated to New Zealand as a young adult.  His grandson named Colin John Falconer was shot down in World War 2.


Descendants of Allan Falconer (1850-1897), the registrar of Edinburgh.  I can see that some of his descendants became doctors in England.




We are also looking for cousins who are connected to the following lines:


Anderson (Larbert, Scotland to Jersey City, NJ)

Burdick (Ephratah / Port Jervis / Deerpark / Huguenot, NY and points north)

Colvin (Mountcharles, Donegal Ireland to MA)

Falconer (Croy/Inverness/Nairn, Scotland – a few went to England and New Zealand)

Farquharson (Dundee/Angus/Perth, Scotland)

Franklin (George Edmund Franklin and Jane Herd – VA to IL to WI to IA)

Griffin (Sullivan County / Port Jervis / Deerpark / Huguenot, NY to Jersey City, NJ)

Hall (basketmaker Davis Hall of Nantucket)

Harthmann (Alsace-Lorraine to Jersey City, NJ)

Hay (Perth, Scotland to Parry Sound, Canada)

Laird (Perth, Scotland; also Parry Sound, Canada)

McCurrach (Perth, Scotland to many places - Devon, England, BC/Alberta, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest)

McFarland (Scotland to Ireland to Bovina/Delhi, NY, then Wisconsin and Iowa – apparently others settled in Mercer County, PA)

Oliver (Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Missouri to Stockton, California)

Phair (Ireland to Ontario)

Schlotman / Schlottman (St. Clair / Pottsville, PA and surrounding counties)

Schoonover (tri-state area near Port Jervis, NY)

Schulze (Bodenteich/Hamburg, Germany to Pottsville, PA)

Stephenson (Boulmer/Longhoughton/Alnwick, Northumberland, England)

Walker (Cornwall to Wisconsin, Iowa, and Montana)


If you think we might be connected, please send us an e-mail at the following address:  Tim Hall 1 at gmail dot com





Oral family history maintains that the Franklin side of our family was descended from one of Benjamin Franklin’s brothers.  We have found no evidence to substantiate this claim, and the stories that have passed down through the various branches of the family all seem to have logical flaws of one sort or another.  The oldest Franklin relative we can trace is George Edmund Franklin (1777-1862), who was born in Virginia(?) and moved west to Wisconsin.  So who was George Edmund Franklin?  Relatively little is known of him, but some recently-discovered notes from my grandmother Irene Alizanah “Zanah” McFarland Hall (1901-2000) from her interviews with her 1st cousin once removed Lu McFarland Morton (1883-1975) shed some light.  Lu must have received this information directly from her grandfather, George’s son Gilbreath Franklin, who lived next door to Lu until his death in 1903 at almost 96 years of age.  Why Lu never seemed to find out the name of Gilbreath’s paternal grandfather is a mystery.


"Jenny Herd and George Franklin - Gilbreath's parents.  George Franklin, cousin of Benjamin F.  - 6 footer - curly-haired - blue eyed - Englishman.  George was buying horses which took him to Herd's farm.  He came to Herd's and found Jenny Herd [tromping clothes? - illegible].  Love at first sight.  Buried at little town (Dodgeville? not Avoca) in Wisconsin."  (They are actually buried at the Wyoming Valley Cemetery, just off highway 23 about 12 miles north of Dodgeville).