Plastic Products

Pallet Wrap

Not to be confused with Shrinkwrap which is a heat shrink film, whilst Pallet Wrap is stretch film used to secure and protect loads of packaged goods in transit or storage. The elastic recovery of the Pallet Wrap keeps items tightly bound.

Pallet Wrap has several functions:

  • improved stability of products or packages.
  • more efficient handling and storage.
  • some degree of dust and moisture protection.
  • some degree of resistance to tampering and pilferage.

Pallet Wrap is the most cost effective way to secure loads during shipping.

Bubble Wrap

A pliable plastic sheet commonly used for packaging fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres ("bubbles") provide cushioning for precious or breakable items.

The bubbles are available in different sizes and would depend on the object being packed, as well as the level of protection needed. Multiple layers are used when shock and vibration isolation is required whilst a single layer may be used for surface protection.

When shipping sensitive electronic parts and components, anti-static plastic is used to dissapate static charge and protect the sensitive electronic chips.

Cushioning Materials

Used for the protection of fragile and sensitive goods such as glass, ceramic, porcelain and electronic equipment. In addition to protecting the contents, they are also used to adjust the package to economical sizes. Cushioning material should be simple, effective and cost efficient. Typical examples include bubble wrap, polystryrene, polyethelene etc.

Important characteristics include recovery to the original level of protection even when subjected to repeated stresses; be in-sensitive to climatic conditions such as moisture, solar radiation and variations in temperature.

These materials must not be hygroscopic, especially when used for products at risk of corrosion and not contain any aggressive constituents (neutral pH), nor interact with the contents so as to impair each others properties.

Plastic Bags

Standard or custom manufactured and printed to your specification.

Poly Tubing (Layflat Tubing)

A flexible, continuous roll of polythene sleeving which is open ended. An easy and economical way to package or enclose objects of similar width but varying lengths. Simply insert your product into the tubing, cut to required length and heat seal, staple or tape one or both ends. It is also known as 'Layflat tubing'.

Tapes - Clear & Buff

Packaging tapes are durable and specifically designed for the sealing of shipping boxes. Please note that custom printed tapes require artwork and origination.