Club Field

TRRC Club Field

Our field provides a permanent and beautifully rural base for the Club and is the venue for many of our training sessions and Club competitions.

 The site offers our members several fixed XC fences, dressage arenas and a good selection of both rustic and coloured show jumps.

 The Club Field is readily accessible,  just 5 miles from Farnham and with direct access into Bourne Woods and miles of bridleways and hacking over both Frensham and Hankley Commons.

How to find us

We are on the West side of  Tilford Road behind the Bourne Woods and just before the road enters Tilford village.  There is a layby opposite the clearly-marked field gate which allows vehicular access.  Mounted and pedestrian access is also available via a gate directly from the Bourne Woods. Both gates are locked,  so you will need to collect the current code when booking the field.

TRRC Club Field, Tilford Road, Tilford, Surrey GU10 2BX.

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 Booking the Club Field

Members only may book and use the Club Field for private practice or instruction, including the use of the show jumps, dressage arena and fixed XC fences.

 Rules & Fees

These Rules are for insurance purposes and to protect your safety whilst using TRRC facilities. Please respect them.

            Please contact Teela Spratt, Club Secretary with any queries: 07769 907008