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I am not paying nearly $200 every couple of years for public internet file hosting service...

I am file-hosting my websites from my laptop [or] pocket computer anywhere internet may be available from random free wifi 's... so my website(s) under my domain name (which redirects to here) can be seen by cllicking to ...

[ PDF copy of -static- web-pages in Amazon-Folder and in Google Folder and on OneDrive ]

"my" v2 TOR onions OLD

w56m67cjc6f3qyet.onion [or] ovgtoybvebjxx4mv.onion [or] dl2ai6mjanzov5uz.onion

and v3 TOR onions LOST

http://onacypubrtnb22j7hnvuyznesl3xqmgad4g6xg4gznwzubxd2ws3rvid.onion http://3fpikyhouu4icfki2on42cti264nxemjwcsmijlkt23u2rgvvkhfx7ad.onion

NEW and current

http://pb6p7mtll235dl65d2ubllwgpfncnovgydcnttbqbbi4nu5qkiietwad.onion (SSL enabled)

click to: microFM radio station, (ON-AIR [feb-2016 to 20-july-2017])

also on cloud-drive at AMZN and Google and Spreaker and SoundCloud, ...

see: microFM-SDK (FREE) for all to start one! ...

73s... (Thanks…)

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2012 auto-tour 2013 auto-tour Paradise-Chico, CA

National Parks: Canyonlands Canyonlands-II Niagara Falls Shenandoah Yosemite

* NEW: moved to HUNGARY !

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