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NEW: BALATON 2023 (pedal bike around the lake + tent camp)

NEW: I moved back to HUNGARY after living in USA since 1982!

NEW: gave away AUDI A6 2.7T "best car ever"

(valamikor Magyar nyelv valtozat is lesz, de nem hiszem "biztosnak", sot inkabb, maguknak le forditjak az erdekelt emberek ... en orvendek hogy meg tudom fogalmazni mondani valomat "1" nyelven es masoknak hagyom "el magyarkodni" forditasat)


I am still not paying nearly $200 every couple of years for public internet file hosting ... so I file-host my websites from my laptop [or] backup pocket computer both are now on vodafone cable internet, ... my website(s) under my domain name (which redirects to here) are also available in static web pages (pdf copies) in:

a) Amazon Folder 

b) Google Folder 

c) Microsoft One Drive 

and are "live" on these two onions:




 (backup web server on a pocket computer)


microFM radio station, (ON-AIR [feb-2016 to 20-july-2017]) 

microFM on cloud at Google and Spreaker and SoundCloud, ...

microFM SourceFiles (FREE-SDK) for anyone to start own radio station! ...

Flickr, Twitter, Spreaker, SoundCloud, & Big-Chess, Motor-home-Office, USAF 1988-1992, TuneIN, MySpace, IMDB, AUDIworld, AUDIzine, Amazon, XDA-Dev, QRZ, CASTBox 

2012 auto-tour 2013 auto-tour Paradise-Chico, CA

National Parks:  

Canyonlands  Canyonlands-II Niagara Falls Shenandoah Yosemite

I'v seen many more Parks but was not always ready with "camera"... and I am blessed with National Parks Pass with 50% discount tent camping -- (Thank You NPS)

OLD NEWS now on twitter...