Hello World,

I am not paying nearly $200 every couple of years for public internet file hosting service...

I am file-hosting my websites from my laptop [or] pocket computer where availability may be sporadic, also due to having to connect to the internet from random free wifi ... so my website(s) under my domain name can be seen

[ PDF copy of -static- web-pages in Amazon-Folder and in Google Folder and on OneDrive ]

"my" v2 TOR onions

w56m67cjc6f3qyet.onion [or] ovgtoybvebjxx4mv.onion [or] dl2ai6mjanzov5uz.onion

and v3 TOR onions

http://onacypubrtnb22j7hnvuyznesl3xqmgad4g6xg4gznwzubxd2ws3rvid.onion http://3fpikyhouu4icfki2on42cti264nxemjwcsmijlkt23u2rgvvkhfx7ad.onion

are NOW obsolete and replaced by NEW


click to: microFM radio station, (ON-AIR [feb-2016 to 20-july-2017])

also on cloud-drive at AMZN and Google and Spreaker and SoundCloud, ...

see: microFM-SDK (FREE) for all to start one! ...

73s... (Thanks…)

Flickr, Twitter, Spreaker, SoundCloud, & Big-Chess, Motorhome-Office, USAF 1988-1992 , TuneIN, MySpace, IMDB, AUDI-world, Amazon, XDA-Dev

2012 auto-tour 2013 auto-tour Paradise-Chico, CA

National Parks: Canyonlands Canyonlands-II Niagara Falls Shenandoah Yosemite

* NEW: APR-2022 back to FULL TIME auto tour USA - CANADA no fixed mail or physical address

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( pegasus infections )