Hello World,

I am not paying nearly $200 every couple of years for public internet file hosting service...

I am file-hosting my websites from my laptop and pocket computer where website availability may be sporadic due having to connect to the internet from free wifi ... cafes or ...

so my website(s) under my domain name are live and available

as PDF copy of static- web-pages in Amazon-Folder and in Google Folder

TOR onion at http://w56m67cjc6f3qyet.onion/ with un-signed SSL certificate (great)...

TOR onion http://ovgtoybvebjxx4mv.onion/ [or] http://dl2ai6mjanzov5uz.onion/ hosted on Note9 pocket computer…

click to: Business Website...: resume

click to: Home Page

click to: Motor Home ...: illegal search of Motor Home

click to: Dream House free plans...

click to: Tragic Faith of Hungary ...

click to: microFM radio station, (ON-AIR [feb-2016 to 20-july-2017]) also on cloud-drive at AMZN and Google and Spreaker ...

click to: microFM-SDK radio station (FREE if you want to start one) ...

73s... (Thanks…)

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