Before You Enter Our Musuem

Be sure to visit our new signage

NEW FOR 2019
Recently added for the opening of our 2019 season is this new sign in the Lakes to Locks series.  This sign describes this water powered turbine.  Water power turned Ticonderoga's many woolen waterwheels, which ran sawmills, cotton mills, grain mills, paper mills, graphite mills and iron works.  Turbines like this, however, greatly improved the industrial process.  Stop by the museum to read more about the use of this innovative tool and then step inside the museum to discover more interesting information regarding Ticonderoga's industrial history.


The Ticonderoga Heritage Museum encourages you to visit our latest exhibit: 

Once Upon The River

Throughout the Heritage Museum are handsome scale models of buildings that represent early industries in Ticonderoga. Denise Huestis, a local artist and friend of the museum, has created these models exclusively for the museum.  Each tells a story and enhances knowledge of the Ticonderoga region's past, present and future.

Several minature models of buildings

The tanning mill, the graphite mill, saw mill (below left) and the woolen mill are just a few of the many outstanding replicas.


The Water Power room, shown below, contains one of our newest exhibits.