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Ticonderoga's Industrial History

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The industrial history of Ticonderoga cannot be told without describing paper mills, graphite mining, and pencils. The Heritage Museum preserves and interprets that history. Housed in the "1888 building," the museum is the last remaining structure of the Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper Company that once covered the area now known as the Percy Thompson Bicentennial Park. The museum also hosts a Heritage Visitor Center along the Lakes to Locks Passage, with information about local points of interest.

The museum offers

Historically accurate exhibits

Creative children's workshops

Displays and exhibits which interpret the manufacturing techniques and the history of

- Ticonderoga Pulp & Paper Company

- International Paper Company

- American Graphite Company

- Other area industries

For more information and details about the latest happenings related to the Heritage Museum, visit us on Facebook.

Our Earlier History - The front door to the Ticonderoga Pulp & Paper Company.


Our first day for the 2021 season: Memorial Day 2021

Our last day for the 2021 season: October 17, 2021


The Ticonderoga Heritage Museum announces a chicken BBQ fundraiser on May 13 sponsored by the Ticonderoga Knights of Columbus Council 333. This is the first BBQ for our museum which has suffered from a lack of funding through our "Taste of Ti" event due to COVID.

We hope to do this twice each year as a new fundraising effort and we greatly thank and appreciate the Knights of Columbus for their generosity and aiding us in this effort.

Fundraising events such as this permit us to continue to develop interesting exhibits on Ticonderoga's industrial history, professionally catalog and house treasured memorabilia and artifacts from Ticonderoga's past, offer summer children's workshops, and provide guided tours along La Chute River.


We are excited to introduce and welcome our new Assistant to the Director, Josey Ezzo, who joins Director, Mary Curtis, and assistant, Linda Joiner this season. Josey will work closely with our Museum Director and Linda in the daily operation of the museum.

Share Your History With Us!

We invite everyone to share your history with the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum through the donation of photos, yearbooks, videos, paper items, and other historic materials. Do you have photographs of Ticonderoga's historical industry? How about that picture of dad in front of International Paper Company's mill or any other photo of Ticonderoga's past? Do you want a digital scan of your item? Bring it into the museum. We can scan this for you and provide it back to you on your thumb drive or other storage media. If you don't want to donate the physical item, perhaps you would consider donating the digital image and rights to the museum so we can increase our historical database and share with others while you keep the original in your possession. Ask a Museum representative for more information.

Sharing your history with us allows us to not only preserve it, but share it with others whether they be researchers or your own neighbors.

collection spotlight

Many planned events for the 2020 season were impacted by a late opening and large crowd concerns due to COVID-19. Hopefully, the 2021 season will hold more promise. Watch for new Collection Spotlight events coming this year including a planned show on American Graphite, another scanner day, and a couple of surprises. Collection Spotlight events allow you to participate in Ticonderoga's history through historic photographs, papers and other literature, historical artifacts, and much more. Listen to and speak with subject matter experts and others who lived our history. Learn about paper making, the graphite industry, boats and steamships, local railroad activity and many other topics as we expand our offerings in 2021. We will share more information for the first event in 2021 soon.


We successfully conducted the first La Chute Industry Walking Tour for Upper La Chute and the feedback was incredibly positive. See below for additional schedules of both the Upper and Lower La Chute tours. Along the way for each tour (lower and upper La Chute), the guide discusses the abundance of industries which once made their living along the river, many of which used the river's power to benefit their industry. The Museum will provide each tour participant with a guide book to use during the tour. The guide book shows the location of each industry on the map, its relation to other industries, photos of how it appeared during its operation, and interesting facts. The tour guide will also point out each location and provide additional information on each location not necessarily found in the guide book.

Our Industry Walking Tour

TOUR DATES & RESERVATIONS: See the schedule of tour dates below. Space is limited so call Laura Wright (240-353-2961) to make a reservation to secure your spot. Tour is weather dependent so we will take your contact information and call you to inform you if the tour is postponed for any reason.

Both tours are guided with tour participant guides which show you the locations along the walk (photos, maps, and related interest material). The tour guide will provide additional information at each location of interest and answer questions. Examples are included in the attached photos. Good walking shoes and water are recommended. Tour length times are approximated and depend on the number of questions and speed of the tour group (the tour is conducted at a relaxed pace).

TOUR DETAILS (Lower La Chute): This tour begins at the Heritage Museum (1888) building and follows the river west-southwest to Montcalm Street. The tour length is approximately 75 minutes and depends on the number of questions and walking speed.

TOUR DETAILS (Upper La Chute): This tour begins at the lawn on the corner of Alexandria Avenue and Lord Howe and is designed to walk downhill. Unlike the Lower La Chute tour, this part of the walking trail is not connected so we have to connect from a point on Lake George Avenue through Stanton Street to reacquire the trail. No worries as we will discuss some other points of interest along the way while we make the connection. The tour length is approximately 1hr 45 minutes and depends on the number of questions and walking speed.

NOTICE: The Upper La Chute tour ends on Montcalm Street so you will need to be dropped off at the start location or have someone give you a ride back to the start location if you park your vehicle there. Other tour members have provided a ride to those who need one in past tours. You can walk back, but it is uphill.

All tour participants must comply with any COVID precautions in place at any time. Masks are recommended and we will practice social distancing.

Past Comments/Feedback:

"I travel to Ticonderoga year round for educational events. This tour added greatly to my knowledge..."

Tour Guide "was on top of everything covered and was easily heard with microphone. Thank you!!"

"Enjoyed all of it!"

"The tour was so informative and beautifully organized."

"Fascinating! Learned my new things about Ticonderoga."

TOUR TIPS: We recommend comfortable shoes. The lower La Chute River tour route follows a fairly level path over a number of different terrain surfaces including soft grass, cement sidewalk, asphalt path, loose gravel, and stone. The Upper La Chute River tour follows a level and down hill path also over different terrain surfaces. We also suggest you bring water as summer in the Adirondacks can sometimes demand it.

UPDATE! Tour dates will be added as we assign slots. We will address foul weather impact as it gets closer to the tour date. Space is limited for all tours so contact the Museum now. Call Laura Wright @ 240-353-2961 or email us at tiheritagemuseum@gmail.com and provide your phone number for confirmation of reservation. If needed and if we can accommodate, additional dates are possible. Tour dates will be listed below and on social media as they are added to the schedule. More tours may be added and adjusted as needed.

Everyone's safety is important to us. Our tour is naturally suited for social distancing, however, masks are recommended.

Industry Walking Tour - Lower La Chute River

Tour #1: TBD

Tour #2: TBD

Tour #3: TBD

Industry Walking Tour - Upper La Chute River

Tour #1: TBD

Tour #2: TBD

Tour #3: TBD

summer children's program - 2021

Resumption of Outdoor Classes

We thank your for your patience and participation during the 2019 COVID "grab and go" program. It was very successful and allowed Your Museum to continue providing a valuable program for our community during a difficult time.

Our current plan is to resume class outside the museum at the picnic tables for our 2021 season but we are prepared to resort back to the "grab and go" concept if COVID issues determine this is the best method to continue the program while ensuring the safety of all involved. IF we resort to "grab and go," each of the affected programs will be individually packaged with all the materials needed to complete the projects including step by step instructions and a picture of what our project looks like.

Our theme this year is Scribble Art.

More information coming.

WHEN: July 7th to August 13th

WHAT: Info coming soon.

WHERE: Heritage Museum (the 1888 building)...entrance to the Bicentennial Park.

Week 1





Week 2





Week 3





Week 4




Week 5





Week 6





If "grab and go" is ever initiated during the summer program, we encourage you to post a photo of your finished work and send it to tiheritagemuseum@gmail.com. In this case, a YouTube video would also be posted on the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum YouTube channel for each of the affected projects with artists giving directions.


Please feel free to stop by our Museum if you have any questions.


What is scanner day you ask? Scanner day is part of our Collection Spotlight series of events and was conceived and designed to encourage the Ticonderoga community to bring in their photographs or other historical documents for the purpose of scanning the item(s), returning the item and a digital image to the owner, and obtaining rights to the digital image for Museum use, thereby adding it to the Museum's collection, or possibly obtaining an outright donation of the item(s) to the Museum by the owner. The whole purpose is to increase the Museum's collection so that these images and documents can be turned around and shared with the community as well as researchers.

Thank you to all those who have participated in scanner day in the past. Due to COVID and large crowds, we did not offer scanner day in the 2020 season. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have items you would like scanned, please stop by the museum during regular business hours.

Collections Management Activities

Your Ticonderoga Heritage Museum is making great strides to preserve Ticonderoga’s industrial history. We say “your museum” because this museum and the history it represents and shares belongs to all of us…all of you. Many of our plans every year involve you, your family members, and your friends as we open up our historical preservation mission to Ticonderoga. This process doesn’t stop at simply preserving what currently resides in the museum, but expands to sharing what we have with you through social media and special events like Collection Spotlight.

Database work and scanning continues all year round as new items enter our collection and as we endeavor to classify and identify items which have been in the collection for years.

Collection management - scanning & archiving photos.

The famous Taste of Ti gift basket event - a favorite activity of the night.

Taste of Ti 2021

Thank you to all of our generous business establishments who donate to our annual event in the past! This is our opportunity to share your tasty products with the local community and come together for a night of fun and entertainment. Thank you to all those who purchased tickets and attended the event in past years. It has always been an enjoyable evening. Your Ticonderoga Heritage Museum invites you to attend "A Taste of Ti" at our next event. Due to COVID-19 issues, the Museum has also brain stormed other alternatives to the large group gathering such as a pick-up type event. More on this later. To our wonderful Board and Staff members...thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Taste of Ti 2021 Date: May TBD, 2021

Time: Appetizers @ 6 pm

Dinner Served @ 6:30 pm

Basket Raffle and Door Prizes!

Ticket Cost: $TBD (limit of 100 tickets for this event)