I am an Instructor of Mathematics at Brandeis University (2023-2026).

Before, I was a Zuckerman Postdoctoral Fellow working with Michah Sageev in the Geometry and Topology Research Group at the Technion and received my PhD from Temple University under the supervision of David Futer.  Here is my CV.

Email: thomas.ng.math (at) gmail

My research interests lie in geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. 

Specifically, I think about the interplay between combinatorial and dynamical behavior of  group actions such as uniform exponential growth with the algebraic properties like presence of free subgroups and residual finiteness. I mostly work with groups with one of several notions of nonpositive curvature including: Gromov hyperbolicity CAT(0), relative hyperbolicity, acylindrical hyperbolicity, hierarchical hyperbolicity.  

Photo courtesy of Punya Koti