Research Projects

• 1-Jan-02 to 31-Dec-02 School of Engineering, Hydrodynamics Laboratory. Postdoctoral Research grant by the National Scholarship Foundation, Greece. “Simulation of liquids using Molecular Dynamics Technique”.

·•1-Mar-04 to 31-Dec-08 Senior researcher in the program «Analysis and modeling of chaotic behavior

in hydraulic systems: from the microscale to macroscale”, funded by the Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology (Budget 80.000 Euros)

•1-Nov-05 to 31-Aug-08 Senior researcher in the program “Numerical modeling and experimental study of flows in micro and nano-channels” funded by the Greek Ministry of Development, Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology. (Budget 120.000 Euros)

•1-Jul-07 to 31-Dec-08 Project Leader “Atomistic modeling of oxide interfaces”, Funding University of Thessaly, Research Committee.

•1-Sep-11 to 31-Dec-11 Senior Researcher, “Atomistic simulation of peptides”, University of Cyprus.

• 1-Mar-14 to Oct-15 Senior Researcher, “ARISTEIA Project-Fatigue of Materials Used in Vascular Surgery”, University of Thessaly. (Budget 246.000 €).

·         Modeling of flows at nano and microscale with applications in blood flow.