3D Modeling Comissions

With at least 60 models under my belt I figured I would open up modeling commissions. Granted you can do it yourself, and like with painting. Please do. But if you don't have the time, or like my particular style then contact me regarding a modeling commission for 3d printing.

Below is a sample of my work for either myself or others.

How it works.

You have an idea, preferably a sketch, or various images you want me to base the design on. I will usually require a sketch from at least one angle to be sure we are on the same page.

You specify scale/size. This is important as it dictates complexity, and thus time and cost to you.

With a drawing usually only one dimension is needed. For ships I typically measure by bow to stern, or wing span depending on which is longer.

I quote a price for the job once the details are hammered out.
    Cost factors include
  • Geometrical Complexity of model (time)
  • Mechanical vs Organic nature (Organic takes more time)
  • Hollowing out of model (decreases 3d printing but increases time and complexity)
  • Parting of large models (increases time and complexity)
  • Who keeps the rights to print the end product
  • The number of times you keep changing features on me will add cost along the way after a minimum threshold is passed. 
I then get paid half, up front for the cost of the modeling alone, before I begin.  

I will usually contact you with Jpg updates on the model, roughly weekly or longer to ensure we are still on the same page. 

When we(or I if necessary) decide it is done I will get it 3d printed and sent to me.
This allows me to make final checks to the file against the product. 
More importantly this means I have to deal with any problems that arise in 3d printing without you being the middle man.  Its rarely a problem but it can be a nightmare on more organic designs. 

If the cost of 3d printing is comparable to the cost of the commission I will require you pay the cost of the model before I get it printed.  

Once I have the model in hand we complete the contract.   all deliverables get sent to you (model, and possibly file if you are buying the rights to future printings) after I receive final payment.  Shipping is almost always USPS priority which you will cover, plus any insurance you wish. 

Most of the above is negotiable. Contact me if there is just one or two sticking points to your interest in our moving forward. 

Sorry, but I have to restate this just in case. 

I decide when a model is done or if more fee is required to match ever changing requirements.  3D modeling often takes several back and forth's to make sure all is turning out as you thought it would.  This requirement of mine just prevents me from being trapped contractually from ridiculous changes.  Minor changes rarely cost anything until the project is completed.  I will often rescale for free if there aren't any anticipated problems in the rescaling.

Cost estimates:
This is hard and varies on many factors (mainly detail) but here is a rough idea.
  • 0-1" model ship  (50-150 for mechanical, 100-200 for organic depending on complexity)
  • 1-2" model ship  (70-200 for mechanical, 130-300 for organic)
  • Larger doesnt scale linearlly unless you want high levels of detail all over the ship.  Its the cost of details that will explode price.   
  • Making a smooth star-trek style ship 10 " long will probably cost around 150-250.
  • Making a smooth vehicle 4" long will probably cost 100-200.
  • Making an identical sized ship full of 200um to 2mm greeblings will explode in cost.  Its all about time and projected problems in getting things printed.