Senator David Norris on Saro Wiwa Street:

While I would not wish to encourage a
wholesale free for all in the changing of street names by individual citizens I would like to say that in the circumstances I am very happy to support the changing of the name Adelaide Road to Ken Saro Wiwa Street. The judicial murder of Ken Saro Wiwa is very well known but the implication of Shell Oil in the matter deserves
also to be exposed.

Ken Saro Wiwa was a noble generous and courageous human being who lost his
life in a struggle against oppression. He is much worthier to have a street
in Dublin named after him than Adelaide Louise Therese Caroline Amelia of
Saxe-Meningen who was the despised wife of the dissolute Prince of Wales at
the beginning of the 19th century. She was a sad creature who is best left
to rest in peace whereas Ken Saro Wiwa deserves to be celebrated by all

Best wishes
David Norris

November 11th 2008