The Virtual Healing Machine consists of free guided-meditation

health improvement videos.  

Offering HOPE for those who might feel hopeless or helpless.

This probably would work best as an addition to whatever health-care you have, if any.

Modules for various health conditions.

You know what Chronic Pain is for you.  This module might be helpful for you in managing that pain.
  • Flu Shot Optimizer - A Guided Meditation for use Before, During, and/or After Your Flu Shot.

  • More modules coming soon for other health conditions.

The following Modules work with all Healing Modules above.

Live the life you really want to lead!  This module reinforces the healthy habits suggested in the healing modules above.  After viewing one of the modules above, please use the fulfillment module for at least 21 days to maintain your new healthy habits to achieve your life's dream.

The following Modules are supplementary to those above.
Please use this if you have a flair-up of symptoms, e.g. pain, discomfort, etc. 
Do NOT use for medical emergency - seek medical help immediately.
This module might, however, be helpful in handling life's ups and downs.

This module suggests detaching from the health problem, allowing you to better manage it.

Please use your own judgment whether these videos are appropriate for you.

If in doubt, please check with your doctor, if possible.

Coming Soon, Free Standardized Healing Modules, with Little or No Side-effects! - http://interesting-health-information.blogspot.com/2014/09/coming-soon-free-standardized-healing.html

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Good Health to You!