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A wooden roller-coaster of Gypsy Pirate Blues and Scowling Irish Swampgrass. 

"Well we sold our souls for the Devil's Gold. Oh! But just one thing: WE NEVER PAID!!!!!!!!"

  A four piece eclectic group of musicians hailing from the beautiful hills of Fayetteville, Arkansas. All four members come from completely different places: Joplin, Kansas City, Springdale, and Little Rock; and because of this, we all bring completely different flavors to the table. The Trashcan Bandits has heavy influneces in Delta Blues, all sorts of Jazz, and even Punk and Metal. The truth is, they have a fascination with anything original, no matter the genre. So, what you get is a wide array of attitudes within our music. They've got think acoustic guitar and growling grumbly vocals, subwoofy bass and thunderous jazz drums. Did I mention the CLARINET? Patti riffs and rocks the clarinet, mandolin, and spoons.

  They start out with a punch to the jowl with an up tempo heart pounding nautical themed juggernaut, and then they take you on a stroll down the French Quarter on a hot afternoon. They have a western wind blown gunslinger that will make you raise your fist up to the sky to strike the lightning. They also can bluegrass it a bit if ya like or even sing you an Irish dirge. Shoot, Dane will tell you a dark fairy tale, Tim Burton approved. They'll drink and jig with ya, or they'll sing campfire songs too. 

The Trashcan Bandits are a life swilling bunch of vagabonds making swampgrass stew.

Members of The Trashcan Bandits:

Dane "Gumbo" Gamble : Guitar, Vocals
*Dane plays acoustic guitar with a thumb pick and is very enthusiastic about always exploring new modes and chords....jazzy! His voice doesn't fit his wiry frame: he likes to sing deeply and with authority. 
Patti "Steel" Richardson: Clarinet, Mandolin, Spoons, Vocals
*Patti plays the clarinet and mandolin (spoons and bass occasionally). She has deep roots in folk and blues rock having grown up around her father (blues/rock guitarist). She comes from concert band in high school and some college as well as many years jammin' in the streets, venues and anywhere they will let her be. Her passion for music can be felt in the way she improvises; she was made for the stage. 
Nick Clark: Drums, Banjo, Vocals
*Nicholas plays the drums and the banjo. He plays the drums for our live performances and banjo on the album or more intimate occasions. He comes from a marching band and jazz band background.  
Ed Cheek: Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
*Ed plays the bass and trumpet. Ed's approach to bass is to bridge the gap between rhythm and counter-melodies. Ed is so good that sometimes he can play the bass and trumpet at the same time.