Meet the Band

The hills of Northwest Arkansas are alive with a shadow-noir folk rock band that combines a sultry, poetic & lyrical rhymes of Leonard Cohen, Cab Calloway and Tom Waits with the power and attitude of Flogging Molly. The Trashcan Bandits are a four piece Fayetteville based band that have been wowing audiences throughout the midwest with their fiery melting pot of blues, jazz, folk and rock. Their eclectic mix of harmonies take audiences on a melodic roller-coaster ride that transcends the boundaries of what we know as music.

The band is comprised of Dane Gamble on guitar, Ed Cheek on bass and trumpet, Nicholas Vinson Clark on drums, and Patti Steel on clarinet, mandolin and the occasional spoons.

With two solid records under their belt, and a new release scheduled for Winter 2020, The Trashcan Bandits have established an undeniable reputation across the state.

Ed Cheek (Bass, Trumpet and vocals)

Nick Clark (Drums, Banjo, Guitar and vocals)

Dane Gamble (Singer, Guitar)

Patti Steel (Clarinet, Mandolin, Spoons, Kazoo, and vocals)

All four members come from completely different places: Joplin, MO, Overland Park, KS, Springdale, AR and Little Rock, AR. Because of this, we all bring completely different flavors and experiences to the table. The Trashcan Bandits have heavy influences in folk, blues, jazz, rock and more. The truth is, they have a fascination with anything original, no matter the genre. So, what you get is a wide array of attitudes within our music.

They start out with a punch to the jowl with an up tempo heart pounding nautical themed juggernaut, and then they take you on a stroll down the French Quarter on a hot afternoon. They have a western wind blown gunslinger that will make you raise your fist up to the sky to strike the lightning. They also can bluegrass it a bit if ya like or even sing you an Irish dirge. Shoot, Dane will tell you a dark fairy tale, Tim Burton approved. They'll drink and jig with ya, or they'll sing campfire songs too.