Videos, Audios, and Articles About Politics Across the Hudson

How Gov. Thomas Dewey engineered Tappan Zee Bridge toll money to edge out Port Authority. Journal News. February 20, 2019.

Truck traffic surges on Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, drops at George Washington Bridge. Journal News. February 20, 2019.

Why Can't We Build Anything? TechCrunch. February 19, 2019.

Why Can't We Build Anything? Part 2 TechCrunch. February 28, 2019.

The Greatest Showman. City & State. December 2, 2018

Por que os projetos de infraestrutura demoram tanto? Os Otimistas. June 2018.

Como acelerar um megaprojeto de infraestrutura. Os Otimistas. May 2018.

An 11th-Hour push to rename the Tappan Zee Bridge after Mario Cuomo. New York Times. June 2017.

Book review by Jeffrey A. Kroessler. Planning Perspectives. October 2016.

Review by Tim Chapin and Karen Trapenberg Frick in Journal of American Planning Association. June 2016.

Book review by Neil S. Grigg. Public Works Management & Policy. May 2016.

Best books for political junkies. George Marlin. December 2015.

More than halfway home to a new Tappan Zee Bridge. Nyack News And Views. December 2015.

Review by Joseph Berechman. Journal of Planning Literature. October 2015.

Interview with Wayne Cabot. CBS News Radio 880. October 2015.

Book on Tappan Zee Bridge highlights politicians' shortcomings. Times Herald-Record. October 2015.

Book examines political processes behind both Tappan Zee Bridge projects. Rockland County Times. October 2015.

Bad banks could mean good news for drivers. USA Today. October 2015.

Lessons from the Tappan Zee Bridge. The Atlantic. September 2015.

Did you know? Politics Across the Hudson. Two articles in Nyack News and Views. September 2015.

Breaking ground: Q&A. Interview in City & State. August 2015.

New York's attitude on Gateway Tunnel: Let New Jersey pay for it. New Jersey Spotlight. August 2015.

An important and sobering case study. Review in Publisher's Weekly. August 2015.

Tappan Zee construction continues. 7 minute video on the Richard French Live show. August 2015.

One never knows. Kaleidoscope Eyes. August 2015.

History and politics behind one of the nation's largest infrastructure projects. Interview on "New York Now" PBS show (starts at 11:45 in the video). July 2015.

New book explores the politics behind the $4B Tappan Zee. USA Today. July 2015.

What the Tappan Zee Bridge tells us about Dewey, Cuomo and governing today. City Limits. July 2015.

Funding the Tappan Zee megaproject. 9 minute interview on Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin. July 2015.

Politics and intrigue at the Tappan Zee Bridge. WNYC 3 minutes video. July 2015.

Tappan Zee Bridge's ties to Pataki, Clinton, Trump, Christie. Journal News Op-Ed. July 2015.

The new Tappan Zee Bridge isn't as innocent as it looks. WNYC 8 minute audio. July 2015.

New book explores the politics behind the $4B Tappan Zee. Journal News. July 2015.

Milano grad investigates the politics of Tappan Zee megaproject. New School Blog. July 2015.

Tappan Zee tab still in question: book chronicles long road to replacement. Times Union. July 2015.

New book outlines politics behind building of new Tappan Zee Bridge. Hudson Valley Patch. July 2015.

Gateway Tunnel -- like New Jersey commuters -- is going nowhere fast. New Jersey Spotlight. July 2015.

Articles by the author

Cuomo astride our infrastructure: He got the Second Ave. Subway and new Tappan Zee over the finish line, but how? Daily News. September 2018.

How the governor latched onto decades of planning to achieve his new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Journal News. June 2018.

Effective collaboration in an unlikely place. Governing. December 2017.

Mitigating Gridlock: Lessons on regional governance from the organization that keeps New York moving. Articulo - Journal of Urban Research. September 2017.

Open questions about the new Tappan Zee/Mario Cuomo Bridge. Daily News. August 2017.

Bringing home the Davis-Bacon. Wall Street Journal op-ed. December 2016.

Game changers for JFK International. Gotham Gazette. November 2015.

The LaGuardia VaporTrain? Gotham Gazette. September 2015.

Tunnel vision. Bergen Record op-ed. August 2015.

JFK International: The airport New York deserves. Gotham Gazette. August 2015.

Good and bad news on Second Avenue subway. Gotham Gazette. July 2015.

Waiting more than 100 years for the Second Avenue Subway to arrive. Journal of Planning History. June 2015.

Indictments are an affirmation that our system is working. Bergen Record Op-Ed. May 2015.

What’s taking so long? Identifying underlying causes of delays in planning transportation megaprojects. Journal of Planning Literature. January 2015.

Port Authority proposal to cut late-night PATH service is short-sighted. Star Ledger Op-ed. January 2015

Paying their fair share of the rail tunnel. The Record Op-Ed. October 2010.

Watch out for cracks in our crystal ball. New York Transportation Journal. Fall 2010.

Other News Citations About Author and/or Book

All of It. WNYC. November 2018.

Recasting Cuomo. The Real Deal. October 2018.

Quiet and lovely Fair Lawn shaken by two killings. The Record. July 2018.

‘OK’ symbol reportedly used by white supremacists. The Record. June 20, 2018.

Group wants new highway leading to Jersey City Waterfront. Jersey Journal. April 2018.

State says elections must be held in Fair Lawn's Radburn community. Bergen Record. March 2018.

Radburn residents say trustees 'rigging' elections. Bergen Record. January 2018.

Gateway To Nowhere on the Hudson. American Prospect. January 2018.

As Trump looms, Cuomo and Murphy tiptoe toward a perilous relationship. Politico. December 2017.

Months after Second Avenue Subway opening, safety testing is not finished. New York Times. September 2017.

Critic: state pushed for Second Avenue subway to meet deadline without complete inspections. CBS New York. September 2017.

2nd Ave. Subway reportedly opened with thousands of defects. NY1. September 2017.

The breaking point: what now? CBS New York. August 2017.

With new bridge, Cuomo declares "Our Mojo Is Back. WNYC. August 2017.

The Hyperloop just completed a major test: but the real challenges lie ahead. Fortune. July 2017.

The breaking point: was it inevitable? CBS New York. July 2017.

New Jersey is about to elect a new governor: why it matters to New York. Gotham Gazette. June 2017.

"Infrastructure Meltdown?" The Real Deal. June 2017.

"Why does New York State control the subway? That’s the 20-cent question." New York Times. May 2017.

"Clashes over democracy, continuity at historic Radburn." The Record. January 2017.

"Welcomed subway extension still only a fraction of original plan." NY1 News. December 2016.

"A first for Second Avenue: why new subway line took nearly 100 years to build." NY1 News.

December 2016.

"One year after launch, how is Citi Bike Jersey City faring?" Jersey Journal. September 2016.

Interview on the "In Transit" TV show about the Second Avenue Subway. NY1 News. August 2016.

Jersey City debuts new app for lodging complaints. Jersey Journal. June 2016.

Where is Citi Bike most popular in Jersey City? Jersey Journal. March 2016.

Search continues for missing tugboat worker. Wall Street Journal. March 2016.

Andrew Cuomo really wants to be New York’s next master builder — but can he deliver? Real Deal. March 2016.

Whose name will go on the new Tappan Zee Bridge? Journal News. December 2015.

Political corruption museum could become Albany tourism draw. New York Times. November 2015.

Panel of experts discuss transportation issues across the Hudson River. November 2015.

Conybeare, public face of Tappan Zee project, to resign. Journal News. October 2015.

New Tappan Zee: state windfall could limit toll hike. Journal News. October 2015.

An Interview with Philip Plotch. Urban Review. Fall 2015.

Amid signs of consensus, reform of Port Authority slowly moves ahead. New Jersey Spotlight. October 2015.

Drone takes tour of Second Avenue Subway. CBS Morning News. September 2015.

Albany Museum of Political Corruption. Huffington Post. September 2015.

MTA names interim president of the MTA subways and buses. Metro. August 2015.

Saint Peter's Professor: homelessness in Hudson County part of much larger problem. Hudson County View. July 2015.

Gateway Tunnel, like NJ commuters, is going nowhere fast. NJ Spotlight. July 2015.

What makes megaprojects so darned compelling? Project Manager Today. May 2015.

Panel says Port Authority needs better leadership, transparency. Jersey Journal. February 2015.