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The Talking Propellerheads wrote, directed and produced many "Studio Videos" as well as live performances.  Some of these have been captured and posted on You Tube.  We always had problems with live recording the act. Either bad sound mixes or bad lighting or both............  In some cases people turned down the house lights when we went on so we played in the dark.
Below are some links to the Videos on You Tube
  A Day in the Life  (A Day in the Life)
  DEC Stinks (Love Stinks)
  Eddie and Herb (Jack and Diane)
  I'm a Salesman (I'm a Soul Man)

  Sales Sucks and Then You Die (Life Sucks and Then You Die)

  Sellin' (Willin')
  TPH Commercial (Various songs) 
  What I Like About You (What I Like About You)

  Top 10 Reasons Why VP's are not here tonight  (Kansas City)
Propellerheads Live


1984 - Garden City NY  (3 acoustic and podium mike - no video)

1985 - Boston, MA (no video - Patrick's first gig)

1986 - Woodstock, CT (Mark as Madonna)
        IBM Girl

1987 - Stanford, CT (Brucie - Phil's first gig)

        Lawyers, Guns and SE's

        COBOL Wizard

1988 - Marco Island – SE Symposium

1990 - Goose Island, ME July 1990 (Gus's first gig)

1990 - Orlando, FL (Ira's first gig)

1991 - Denver, CO DG Kickoff

1991 - Denver, CO North American Data General User's Group (NADGUG) Meeting
        I Wanna Go To NADGUG (I Want to be Sedated)
        Whammer Jammer (Whammer Jammer)
        Call My Car (Drive My Car)
1991 - Westboro, MA, Marriot Marketing gig   
1992 - Kansas City, MO
        Clown Shoulda' (Brown Sugar)
        Money Money (Mony, Mony)
1993 - Boston MA, Lotus World May 5th 1993
        What I Like About You (What I Like About You)
        The Goal (The Weight)
        Shout (Shout)
        Money Money (Mony, Mony)
        Clown Should'a  (Brown Sugar)
        Blind, Deaf and Dumb (Comfortably Numb)
        Whammer Jammer  (Whammer Jammer)

1993 - Atlanta, GA (Chasse's first gig)

        Summer of '89 (Summer of 69)

        Should Enroll (Desk'd the Drool) (Rock and Roll)

        Products We're Selling (Stairway to Heaven)

        Monster Worth Winning (Honky Tonk Women)

        Make it With a Minute (Take it to the Limit)

        I Want to go to NADGUG (I Want to be Sedated)

        DG University (Refugee)

        Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Ain't Too Proud To Beg)

        Whammer Jammer (Whammer Jammer)

1994 - San Francisco, CA - Uniforum March 23, 1994

        Unix is Fun  (Comfortably Numb)
        Revolution  (Revolution)
        Unix on my Desktop  (Message in a Bottle)
1994 - Westboro, MA – Rally 94

        CLARiiON (Newborn Son)  (Carry On (Wayward Son)) 

1995 - Nashville, TN
1996 - Boston, MA Computer Museum, Grey Eagles "When Brains Collide" , May 6,1996
2002? - Jay Peak, Jay, Vermont - Kickoff Meeting