El Segundo Summer Academy Courses 2021

ALL Classes are Online this Summer.

This page provides a quick overview of our courses. To see course descriptions, please click on the tabs above.

Please read the policies BEFORE you register. You are responsible for following these policies.

High School Courses

Non-credit enrichment

All Things College

Advanced Credit

Advanced Art - Sculpture



Independent Studies for Economics and Political Behavior

Music Appreciation


US History

World History

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is offered free by the El Segundo District this summer.

Algebra I A/B

Algebra 2 A/B

Biology 1A/B

Chemistry A/B

English 9A/B, English 10A/B, English 11A/B, English 12A/B

Geometry A/B

US History A/B

World History A/B

Summer Online Courses - please take note.

Students are embarking on a one-year course that is compressed into a 5-week period. This entails HOURS and HOURS of work, each day. A student taking Chemistry this summer will usually take a more advanced course like AP Biology or AP Physics in the Fall. Our summer courses will prepare students to meet the challenges of the next level. To accomplish this will require intensive labor on everyone's part. Please realize that even though the Summer Academy is online, students are expected to work very hard in these courses.

In face-to-face summer sessions, the Summer Academy met from 8 AM to 1:30 PM, then students may have been assigned homework. You can expect a similar investment in time this summer, even online.

The classes may be comprised of both asynchronous (webwork) and synchronous (ZOOM) sessions.