I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park, working with Peter Carruthers.

I work in philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, and metaphysics. I am currently preparing a dissertation in philosophy of time. You can learn more about my research here.

When I am not doing research or teaching, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, improving old as well as experimenting with new techniques and recipes. Sometimes one might even say it's stew much. I am also an amateur photographer and a professional cat petter.

Prior to graduate school, I worked at Liren* College, a Beijing-based non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to exploring the possibilities of higher education in China's emerging civic society.

Here is a CV.

[*]: "A virtuous person aims to establish him or herself, and does so through helping others become established." (Analects, 6.30)