The site is a free e-book/self-paced open online course (SPOOC) on chemical thermodynamics/statistical mechanics consisting of video-lectures and associated Powerpoint slides as well as problem sets.

The material is the thermodynamics part of the physical chemistry course for nano-science students, which I co-teach at the University of Copenhagen.

This is a work in progress!

Currently I am adding videos as I make them together with slides and problem sets. I have added a discussion forum but I can't promise to check it regularly.

The content is divided into 8 sections:

1. Equilibrium and the equilibrium constant

2. Enthalpy and entropy

3. Enthalpy and entropy for an ideal gas and the van’t Hoff equation

4. Measuring enthalpy and entropy changes by calorimetry

5. Enthalpy and entropy for an ideal solution

6. Hydrophobicity and entropy

7. Chemical activity and non-ideal solutions

8. The three laws of thermodynamics and the Boltzmann distribution

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