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The 'Home' of Acoustic Music in Somerset
The Ritz Acoustic Club is all about providing a stage for anyone to come along and perform in front of a live audience.
The club runs a first come first served basis and is in great demand by performers.
We recommend you arrive early to get a slot. (two songs per slot). 
We provide all the sound equipment that you'll need; ...

we will also mix the sound for you.
It should be worth mentioning at this point, that the quality and experience of the players varies dramatically and first timers are encouraged.
The club is a music club and to that end we ask people to be considerate to the players when they are on stage, however, there is a bar and it’s not a library; common sense should apply. If you want to chat, please move to the upper bar.
Note that when an artist is performing, we ask that ...
 Please, DO NOT walk across the front of the stage.
Please, DO NOT disrespect the artist in any way.
We have asked people who disrespect artists to leave before now!

Musicians/Performers should note the following...
  • Electric solid bodied bass guitars are permitted (we have one available or bring your own).
  • Electric solid bodied lead / rhythm guitars are discouraged.
  • In order to provide as many slots to artists as possible and to finish as close to 11pm as possible we ask that you are tuned up and ready to go when you go on stage, apart from minor tweaking of course.
  • We are unable to schedule performers who use backing tracks. It is a live music club
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If you plan your first visit to the club and can’t get to the club early, contact us in advance and we will do everything possible to reserve you a slot on this first visit.
We run three sets aiming to get a maximum of 14 acts on, .......
  • the first starting usually at about 8:20 or 8.30 until 9:10 pm,
  • the second 9:20-10:10 pm
  • and the third 10:20-11:00 pm.

Look out for Our Special Guest / Showcase Nights ... which are held every third Thursday of the month.

There will only be one Open-Mic set (8:30 - 9:40pm) on showcase nights with a maximum of 8 acts.
This will be followed by the guest act at 10:00 pm - 11:10 pm.

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