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Every Thursday Night

The Ritz Acoustic Club is all about providing a stage area,
for anyone to come along and perform in front of a live audience.

There will be 3 Sets.

First set starts at 8:30pm with 5 performance slots.
Second set starts at 9:15pm with 5 performance slots.
Third set starts at 10:20pm with 3 performance slots.

(Slots are available, on a 'First come, First served' basis).
We recommend you arrive early to get a slot. (two songs per slot).

Look out for Our Special Guest / Showcase Nights ...

which are held on the third Thursday of a month.

There will only be one Open-Mic set (8:30pm - 9:40pm) on showcase nights, with a maximum of 8 acts.

This will be followed by the guest act at 10:00pm - 11:10pm.

Click here for details of forthcoming showcase guests

and here for a list of our past guests.

Polite Advice - Other Stuff - T's & C's

The club welcomes both experienced performers and those new to performing in public.

The club is a music club and to that end we ask people to be considerate to the players when they are on stage,

however, there is a bar and it’s not a library; common sense should apply.

If you want to chat rather than listen, please move to the upper bar.

Musicians/Performers should note the following...

  • Electric solid bodied bass guitars are permitted (we have one available or bring your own).

  • Electric solid bodied lead / rhythm guitars are discouraged, we encourage the use of acoustic guitars with or without a plug-in facility.

  • In order to provide as many slots to artists as possible and to finish as close to 11:00pm as possible,
    we ask that you are tuned up and ready to go when you go on stage, apart from minor tweaking of course.

  • We are unable to schedule performers who use backing tracks. It is a live music club.

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