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This website is here to provide tips and hints and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the three Google products listed on the right.


Rhubarb is NOT part of the Picasa/Google development team. Rhubarb is simply a Picasa user.

Rhubarb is currently using:
Picasa 2.7 (Build 37.49, 0)
Hello 1.0 (Build 659)


  • Picasa / Picasa2
    Picasa is a photo organizational tool, with some pretty cool basic editing features. It is important to note that Picasa does not physically store your images. They are all located on your hard drive. Picasa just scans your hard drive, looking for any images, and then creates a thumbnail reference to them.
    This means that if you delete a photo in Picasa, you are deleting it from your hard drive.


  • Picasa Web Albums
    Picasa Web Albums is a convenient way to share your photos online for your family and friends to see -- and even the entire world, if you so choose. It's fully integrated with Picasa, so uploading is a snap!

  • Hello (from Picasa)
    Hello (from Picasa) is an awesome little program that allows you to send photos and screen-shots to your friends, and text-chat with them, as well. What makes Hello different from other "chat" programs, is that you can send dozens or even hundreds of full-sized photos to a friend with just a few clicks, and your friend can have them downloaded to their computer without even being in the room! No more browsing for or dragging and dropping a single image that your friend then has to manually download!



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