This page will provide information about The Reeves Project (TRP) Wiki normally running from TheReevesProject.org.

On the rare occasions when we have technical difficulties and TRP is unavailable, we'll update this page with status information.

It may take us a little while to reflect any outage, there is no automatic link between TRP and this page.  If this page is green, then we believe TRP is up and running normally. We'll switch to red when we know The Reeves Project wiki is down.

Current Status - Service Suspended

As previously advised, we had reluctantly taken the decision to temporarily suspend The Reeves Project wiki with effect from 13 December 2017.  As mentioned in the last update, we now need a few friends to come and helpout.

We're continuing to make good progress in getting the new version of The Reeves Project's wiki ready for general use. As we've been fixing the issues, we've been checking various wiki pages. But so far we've only looked at a very small proportion of the over 8000 pages. To make sure we're not missing any other significant issues, we now need to get a few more people involved in reviewing wiki pages.

To help out you don't need to be an IT geek. But you will need to be comfortable working with multiple browser tabs open at the same time and be comfortable copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet. We've created a wiki page which will allocate you three random wiki pages which you'll be asked to review as both a logged in community member and then as an anonymous (logged out) individual. Don't worry, we do NOT want you to fix any issues you may uncover, simply report them. It turns out most of the issues we've found so far affect multiple wiki pages and can often be fixed by a system wide search and replace.

We estimate it will take a new reviewer less than 10 minutes to complete one review cycle. As you gain experience, we think the process will take less than 5 minutes per cycle, unless every page you're allocated is riddled with bugs (which we're not expecting!)  The process we've defined is very detailed, because we wanted everybody to feel they can help out, if they follow the script. Its a lot of words to read, but the underlying process is relatively simple; copy some automatically generated data about your browser into our spreadsheet, open three allocated wiki pages, copy and paste the urls of those pages into the spreadsheet, then review each page and record your assessment of that page.

In the first instance we need volunteers who access TRP using either a Windows PC or a Mac computer. If you only use a tablet (such as an iPad or Kindle Fire) or smart phone, then sorry but you won't be able to help at this stage. If you can spare an average of an hour or so per day for the next week and you'd like to volunteer to help, then please send an e-mail to TheReevesProject123 [at] gmail [dot] com with your name, your initials (first name, middle name and surname) and say if you use a Windows PC or a Mac. We'll aim to contact you with a few days with more information.

We'll continue to post new status updates first here at  https://sites.google.com/site/thereevesproject123/

Thank you

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