This page is about Hrishipara, the site of our current experiments with Poor and Their Money ideas
Many observers ofSafeSave wondered whether its business plan - sending Collectors daily to every client - could work in the countryside as well as in the slums.

In 2002 
CGAP, a club of microfinance donors housed at the World Bank, and PLAN, an international NGO that had been the first investor inSafeSave, teamed up with Rutherford to finance a rural adaptation of SafeSave.

The site for the experiment was Hrishipara, a small village about 90 minutes drive from the capital.
The Hrishipara experiment is now constituted as a cooperative MFI, Shohoz Shonchoy (Bengali for Easy Savings). Chaired by  Shameem and managed by Kalimullah, it has nine Collectors and a Data Clerk.

SafeSave aims to grow, taking the Poor and Their Money ideas to as many clients as possible, the Hrishipara experiment is kept deliberately small, so as to test a number of different products.

That doesn`t mean that Hrishipara is unsustainably small. With around 2000 clients, 
it has been making a surplus each month since late 2003.
from left: Collector Anwara, Manager Kalimullah, former Chairman S K Sinha and Collector Shobha
All four have been working at Hrishipara since it began in April 2002