The universe I create for The Order is a lot like the regular world that you and I live in, only there also exists a group of people with special abilities known as the Gifted.  These people live among us and are incredibly sensitive to the world around them; to the good as well as the bad.  With this heightened sensitivity, they can detect the different kinds of energy that surround us and manipulate it in incredible wayssuch as light, sound, air, and the different energies of the human body.

Along with their amazing abilities, the Gifted are also more susceptible to the darker influences in the worldor the Evil.  If left with out proper help and training, the Evil will start to take hold on a person; beginning with headaches, moving to hearing actual voices in the mind, and finally ending with insanity.

Fortunately, there are people like Peter, who are Locators.  They have the Gift to find these special people and unite them with other Gifted for guidance and training.  When a group of these people all live together in one place, they form an Order.  My story revolves around Peter's Order.

Now, in this universe, people can't just fly like a superhero for the sake of flying.  Or shoot fire from their eyes.  Or run faster than a speeding bullet.  There are rules.  Everything that can be manipulated by a Gifted has to be some kind of known energy source.  If a person can manipulate the air around them, perhaps they can figure out a way to appear to be flying.  But, maybe all they can really do is knock you down with a big gust of wind or blow some papers off your desk.  It all depends on their strength.

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