Introducing: The Order

The Order is a paranormal romance young adult novel written by Marsha Stokes.  (See sidebar for sample chapters and how to purchase your copy!)

Sneak-peak:  Peter's job as a Locator is to find extraordinary people—those with the Gift. The Gifted can sense and harness different kinds of energy and manipulate it in incredible ways. They have a heightened sense of the good that surrounds them, but they also more easily fall prey to the bad as well—to the Evil.

As a new year at Grayson College begins, Peter is thrown into a whirlwind of terror, danger, and love. Will he be able to save a newly found Gifted One from the seductive influence of the Evil? Will he be too late?

Or will he also fall victim to the darkness?

© 2012 Marsha Stokes, All Rights Reserved

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