The Order of the Shadow

    The Order of the Shadow [sometimes colloquially referred to as the "Shadow Order"] is a strictly neutral organization dedicated to uninhibited study of the Occult, including but not limited to the lore and practices of the more esoteric sects of blood magic, demonology, witchcraft, necromancy, and other such largely forbidden arts.  The goal of the Order is to safely further empirical knowledge and understanding of these fields through collaborative research, documentation, and experimentation, without the prohibitive restrictions of moral or cultural taboos that would hinder such pursuits.

      [ABOUT the Order of the Shadow]
  • It is the belief of the Order that no exclusionary sanctions should be placed upon the practice of magic, that no knowledge should be truly forbidden, and that no taboo - particularly those born of fear or ignorance - should prohibit the necessary study and understanding of these arts.
  • While the Order embraces the study of magic of all natures and forms, its primary focus lies on uncovering new or apocryphal knowledge as it relates to blood or chaos magic; however, any individual within the Order is free to pursue (or request assistance with) whatever research they desire, that through their pursuits a greater collective of knowledge might be gained.
  • The Greater Intent of the Order is to explore any such endeavors by the safest practical means, with as much preparation and precaution as is feasible to limit potential harm; however, given the often exploratory nature of these endeavors, every individual must understand the potential risks and consequences involved.  Members of the Order should strive at all times to ensure that no harm, either through action or inaction, should come to any other individual or individuals without their informed consent and permission, and experimentation and research should take place only within sanctioned areas.
  • The Lesser Intent of the Order is not to explicitly do harm by such knowledge, but to cultivate a deeper understanding regarding the potential risks, rewards, counter-measures, and consequences of such knowledge.
  • The Order is neutral in all affiliations, and as such, welcomes for consideration any who share these precepts, regardless of their religious or political beliefs, provided that their individual ideals or religious practices are not imposed upon any others within the group.  Respect, both for other Members of the Order and their privacy, are to be maintained at all time.
  • The Order is open to any individual, group, or organization that fit our qualification, and are willing to abide by these tenets in the pursuit of mutual knowledge.
      [OUT-OF-CHARACTER/GAME Information]
  • We are an organization that seeks to create and foster role-playing opportunities for those characters which exist on the neutral-to-darker side of the spectrum, and to better facilitate collaboration with other like-minded individuals.  This includes ideas based upon the various creative concepts introduced through GM-driven sagas (particularly those of the Landing), as well as additional exploration of more intimate player-driven RP on the sidelines that may or may not be based upon said events.
  • Our goal is remain morally and politically neutral in order to maintain inclusivity; however, certain members of the Order may, from time to time, choose to dabble in much darker or more sordid affairs.  Ideally, our neutral stance and compartmentalized organizational structure will allow those not comfortable with such to remain safely distanced from any potential fallout, while still being free to participate in other matters of their choosing.