My music

Hey all and welcome to the Music page! This is a collection of songs I have made in the past.. and a place that I'll be posting new stuff as I make it. Sit back and enjoy my work; I hope you enjoy listening to it because I sure had fun producing it!

I've been making music since I was a very young child. I had gotten my first keyboard at age 6 and my passion for music grew from there. Eventually I got into working on computers and have been self taught for 10+ years now. I'm planning on getting into the Music business professionally now and really upgrading my skills! (tl;dr I make music and suck at short bio's)

If you enjoy my work all I ask is for comments and if you really feel it deserves it, a PayPal donation (donations will go towards getting a better setup so I can improve my music)!

P.S. You may notice that some of the older songs are labeled with "DJ FryGuy". This is my older nickname that I went by before settling on Aeronic (besides.. I've never DJ'd in my life so it wasn't very fitting :P)


AH TECHNO SHMECKNO — An older song... yeah.. Not much to say about this one, other then if you like it then that's rather kind of you :P

Binary Buccaneers — This is a song I made earlier this year for a group I had belonged to that was against the ACTA and this was to be our theme song. the group didn't last very long and we were only left with a song and a few other things. all in all a cool song came out of it. Enjoy!

Breaking Out — This was an attempt of mine to make a Breakbeat song. I've always liked the Breakbeat style and feel and I wanted to try my hand at it. I think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt.

Calm Down — Another old song.. This one is a remake of a song from the SNES game Secret of Mana (it played for the Ice Forest I think) that always calmed me down and I always liked it.. so I decided to remake it with better sounds.. still sounds kinda crap but it was made years ago :P

Charley Manson WTF? — This is just me messing around with some Vocoders, and I'm using some classic Charley Manson babble to do it!

Classirap — This was my first try at a hiphop/classical song. I don't think it really accomplishes either but it came out sounding cool regardless.

Clear Minded — This is yet another older song that I have made. This one uses a sample from a tune made for the anime Samurai Champloo (which by the way, has some of the best music I've ever heard for an anime.. check it out if you haven't!)

Cruisin' 404 — An old song by me that I had made in about 20 minutes. It's interesting that the best thing about the song is the piano.. it somehow came out sounding really good! Wish I know how I did that!

Delphonic — A song I had made for a friend of mine, who was a great help in keeping me going when I had Artist Block.. It sounds cool at the start but when the drums hit it just feels corny :P at least to me

Do do do do — This one sorta sounds like a weird.. march song. I'm not really sure what this was supposed to be, but for some reason I still like the sound of it :P

Double Dragon Chiptune — This is just a "mess around" thing I've been working on. I recently figured out how to make some chiptuneish synths in FL Studio and decided to test it with a tune I've always enjoyed.. enjoy!

Drum Fun — Just a song that i was messing around with; trying to get a good beat. It sounded cool so I thought i'd put it up here.

Fancy That — Right now this is just a loop.. but it could turn into something eventually! It sounds cool (maybe a bit crowded perhaps..)

Floating — Here is a relaxing song I had made a while back. It's nice and soothing and always calms me down.

Fluidify — This song is a really nice song I had made some time last year. I had finally gotten back on the Net when I wrote this one, so it brings back memories of meeting old and new friends alike for the first time in a year.

Flute is good for you! — Here is a song that I had apparently made after a caffeine rush.. Not a favorite but still cool to listen to

Flute Rollup — Another old song.. I'm not sure how this was came out to be honest.. if I remember correctly, I had started off on this song with the intent of making rap..

Funky Blips — This song never got much work done on it :( I had a day set aside to work on it.. but 2 days before that happened my HDD crashed (seems to happen alot for me) and I lost the project files to it. I think I might remake this song one day as I liked how it sounded.

Gateing is Fun! — A song that I made recently to test my skill at gateing. It sounds pretty cool I think.

Gefarce — This was an interesting song. I don't know what I was trying to make when I created it. It's just another one of my hybrids I guess. Sounds cool though.

Gettin' Shanked — This song isn't really about shanking; I had made he song for a friend who went by the name Shanks and this is what I turned out after a few hours of work.

GOAtse — lol

God of Lore — I tried my hands at a nice melodic song for once.. I think ti turned out really nicely, although I lost the project file and can't work on it (well I could just remake it but :P)

I'm Building a Tower — A song that I came up with while building a tower in MineCraft (imaginative title I know :P)

Kwesting — This is one of my favorites. Its' a 3/4 beat that has some nice drum changes and i really like the synths and sounds it has.

Lucidity — Now here is a favorite of mine. I really like how this one turned out. I remember making it one day when I was really relaxed and calm (a rarity for me) and it always succeeds in calming my nerves when I listen to it.

More Flute — I actually made this after listening to the excellent music from the NDS series Professor Layton. Some people don't like that I added drums to it.. but I think they sound good.

Needles on my Mind — This was done last week, during a bout of anxiety over a blood test (I have a phobia of needles). The test went ok and I felt foolish for worrying, but at least a kick ass song was created out of all my drama.

Octopus — Here is a song I was working on a few months ago (before my recent HDD crash in which I had lost everything that I failed to backup) and while it doesn't really have an ending.. it's still a cool song and i hope you enjoy it!

Oh Yeah! — Woo! My first real attempt at Vocoding! This song gets me so pumped. This song has been the most fun I've had making music in a long time. Enjoy it!

Pandora — This one is just weird. I don't know what I was trying to make with this one.. but one of my friends liked it so I figured I'd share it. You can be the judge if it's good or not.

Qwerty — Sadly this one never got off the ground =/ I really like how happy it sounds though.. and that bass kicks ass!

Sad but True — This is a rather old song.. from all the way in 2006 I believe. It isn't all that special but I like the sound I got out of the guitar synth.

Sad Happy Thing — This song is one of my more popular songs. It's not so much a personal favorite although I really like how it changes from a happy to sort of sad feeling throughout the song.

Smooth Beats — This one was alot of fun to make. I like working with sliced beats and this one gave me plenty of it! It changes feeling a few times and I'm really glad that's a positive for the song.

Super Fun — I knew as soon as I started this one it would turn out awesome. This is another popular one of mine. It has a neat sound to it.

Trust — This one is another one of my favorites. The whole purpose of this song is to calm you down and make you realize things aren't as bad as you might be thinking.

Under Rolling Skies — This one is a really cool one. It's old but sounds awesome; I like how it turned out and I think if you've liked my other works you'll enjoy this one.

Vectrekz — An interesting song that for some reason I never finished! It sounded really cool.. damn

Vocoder Fun — As the title suggests, this is a song I created to mess around with the Vocoder. It actually sounded neat and I like what I did with it.

Washed Ashore — his is a new song that I made for the game MineCraft (MC). MC is an instant favorite of mine, and playing it always fills my mind with ideas, this one being musical. Enjoy! If you like the music, be sure to check out for the game!