This site contains my digital photos taken since March 2004 from the summits of many Marilyns (if you don't know what these are, have a look here). There are also route details for the ascents of many, often as a round of two or more and not necessarily the one in books such as the SMC Munros & Corbetts, Andrew Dempster's Grahams book, Wainwrights guides or John & Anne Nuttall's 'The Mountains of England and Wales'. Details usually include parking locations, time taken, mileage and ascent. If you want more route descriptions, have a look at the Links section.

The Wales section is fairly comprehensive, apart from Snowdonia.

The England section is fairly sparse, as I had already completed the Nuttalls and Wainwrights before starting on the Marilyns so the photos aren't digital  - I might scan them in someday. Also many of the English hills are amply covered by other sites, such as Leaney'sLakeland Fells and Striding Edge.

The Scotland section is quite diverse but not many Munro photos as I completed them in 2002, but there is a good coverage of other hills. 

If you were wondering what the photo at the top of the page is, you can find it here.

                                                                  Jim Fothergill