Our research is focused on systems biophotonics and imaging technology, such as single-molecule biophotonics, super-resolution microscopy, advanced optical and computational microscopy, imaging physics, biomedical imaging instrumentation and devices, and imaging microrobotics and machine-intelligence. We strive to innovate in ways that both advance the imaging science and impact biological and translational research.

Toward the application end, we have expertise in a wide range of imaging instrumentation and techniques, such as super-resolution, adaptive optics, light-field, miniaturized, light-sheet, computational microscopy and endoscopy. Collaboratively, these techniques are expected to address the challenges in 1) mapping functional networks of biological systems from molecules to the whole organ, 2) imaging collective patterns of cellular activities flowing within these networks in freely behaving animals, and 3) integrating and transforming molecular and cellular imaging information into health and disease.

We are actively recruiting postdoctoral associates and graduate students. We welcome applicants with all backgrounds in Engineering, Physics, and Biosciences. Graduate applications can be submitted via BME graduate programs (link), as well as ECE and ME. Graduate and postdoctoral applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Jia (shu.jia@gatech.edu).

Research Sponsors

Marvin H. and Nita S. Floyd Research Fund

Georgia Tech Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN)