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front cover of arc 27

First published in 1982, arc is a continuing literary showcase for the members of the IAWE (Israel Association of Writers in English) and for other citizens and residents of Israel. 

Issue number 27, edited by Ed Codish and Ronitte Friedman, is currently available, and issue number 28 is accepting submissions.

For each copy of arc 27 you would like to order, postpaid, send 60 shekels (within Israel) or $20 by bank transfer and write us at with details your order (issue number, number of copies, and your postal address) . This is our bank account:
Account no. 7118858
Bank Discount, Branch 118 (Neve Avivim)
(Account name: אגודת הסופרים כותבי אנגלית
Many back issues are available for 50 shekels or $15 a copy.

A look at older issues

arc includes both original works in English and translations into English from the many other languages of Israeli writers.

Because editorship is rotated from one issue to the next, arc demonstrates how aesthetic tastes and concerns vary even within the English-speaking community of Israel. See the current call for submissions.