arc-24, the latest issue of IAWE’s literary journal, was launched December 23 at Tel Aviv University.  The theme of this arc is ‘people, places, prayers and peace’ and there is work by poets and writers from all across the globe, representing every age, every religion and every walk of life. Rachel Heimowitz edited the issue.

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About the IAWE
The Israel Association of Writers in English (IAWE) was established in 1980 to accommodate the growing number of Israeli writers whose native or preferred language is English. 

In 1982, we established an annual literary journal named arc (see details and excerpts and submission guidelines) and since 1999 we have occasionally initiated or assisted in the publication of books.  

We maintain an e-mail list for distributing announcements of relevant interest.

Our objectives are to promote writing in English in Israel through publications and readings, and to act as a bridge between Israeli society and the cultures of other English-speaking countries. To this end we encourage translations from Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Yiddish, and the other languages of this country, we promote translations from English into Hebrew, and we endeavor to create multi-lingual dialogues whenever possible. Many of our members translate literature from Hebrew to English. Others are active in honing and promoting the work of younger writers in English in Israel.

Further projects include the hosting of visiting writers from English-speaking countries.

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