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Obviously the name Galtieri will remind British audiences of the famous Argentinian dictator, however, they are no relation to General Galtieri.

They are in fact related to another famous Argentinian;

Alberto Galtieri - the 3rd most famous Argentinian soccer star.

Alberto Galtieri was one of the most stalwart central defenders in South America during the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

A world class stopper who played for Boca Juniors and also represented his country 13 times.

His rock-like defence and class passing skills proved a big hit with Juan Public and his dark good looks wowed the women of Buenos Aires.

Now regarded in the same bracket as Beckenbauer by his contemporaries he was forced out of the game by a tragic cartilage injury.

Unable to find useful work in Argentina, he moved to Sandwell, West Midlands, (United Kingdom), to work for GKN in 1965.

It was there that he met his wife Joan, a packer from Smethwick, and in 1967 their twin sons Paulo and Roberto were born.

The bitter-sweet juxtaposition to be found in each of the Galtieri Brothers songs plays upon the tragedy of their father’s personal life and the happiness he later found with Joan in Sandwell.

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