Back Cover Blurb

Jeremy is visited at four by his future self. Future Jeremy isn’t happy to tell him he’ll be the world’s foremost warrior. By his twenties, all Jeremy wants is an uncomplicated love life; instead, he winds up with Melanie, a brilliant, violent psychopath.

Meanwhile, the world is upended by seemingly magical technology. Most of humanity is transcending to become like Gods. The rest are leaving earth for the newly opened galaxy. Jeremy is stuck on earth with Melanie, his dreams of combat, and his friends who think he’s half insane.

But his dreams are more than dreams; almost in spite of himself, Jeremy becomes the warrior he imagined, helped and hindered by his friends. His first enemy forces humanity to do as he says. Only one person has the power to stop him…and he’s having crockery thrown at him.

A gripping plot, flashes of humor and a hero for our age. A wild ride through the next hundred years.