Register of Past Residents

2011-2012 Dave & Jodie Francis, 7 children

2010-2011 COL Derek & Carolyn Tolman, 5 children

2009-2010 John & Shelisa Baskerville, 5 children

2006-2009 Mark A. Stroh family

2004-2006 Ty & Anne McPhillips

2002-2004 Family relocated from Marshall Ridge when murder occurred next door (in Marshall Ridge home).

2001-2002 Vacant (according to Dr. Gordon Miller family who were going to move in in 2002 until above family was relocated there)

????-???? Chaplain Philip A. Mahalic

1981 Farmhouse remodeled.

1974-1977 Rudy & Maude DeFrance (front wing)

1973-1978 Ed Schillo & family, including daughter Heather (rear wing)

1970-1974 LTC Roy Blake & Wren Shrout, 4 children (front wing)

1951 U.S. Army War College established at Carlisle Barracks

1948-1950 MAJ Hugh J. Stewart, his wife Lenore (Lofthus), and daughters Jennifer (age 8), and Anne (age 6). MAJ Stewart attended the Army's School of Information at Carlisle Barracks.

1948 Farmhouse remodeled.

1943 Farmhouse remodeled.

1940 Census lists only two "black" maids at Carlisle Barracks, no farmers. 

1930 Census lists these "negro" soldiers at Carlisle Barracks: Arthur Booker, Arthur Cannon, James R. Carter, Charlie Felix, Earnest Harper, Theodore S. Hicks, Charlie Jackson, William Jefferson, Leslie Meadows, Robert E. Smith, and Henry G. Weathers. 

1921-1939 "Detachment of colored troops" working the farm.  Also living in Farmhouse? (Medical School era)

1920 Census: James S. & Gertrude E. Griffen, Harry & Jennie M. Garber with married daughter & grandchildren. (Hospital era)

1918 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Giffen, Indian School Farmer & wife

1910 Census: Homer & Elizabeth Grissinger with son Herbert; Les E. Griffin (Dairyman) w/wife Pansy; and William B. & Ada Gray w/2 sons.

1900 Census: Benjamin & Anna Bennett; and William B. Gray, Dairyman.

1896 [Mr. &] Mrs. Bushman, Indian School Farmer & wife

1893-1900 Benjamin F. & Anna Bennett, Indian School Farmer & wife. 

1891-1894? Richard & Nannie Davis, 3 children (in dairyman's cottage / tenant house)

1891 George Getz, Indian School Farmer

1890-1891 Benjamin F. & Anna Bennett, Indian School Farmer & wife

1889-1890 Mr. Pollinger, Indian School Farmer

1884-1889 Various Indian School farmers

1877-1884 Sons Andrew H. Parker, Richard M. Parker

1864-1877 Widow Haddassah Parker (rented out farm while living in town)

1860-1864 Richard & Haddassah Parker, 3 children, servants & farm laborers

1855-1860 Daniel B. & Ann Keiffer replaced stone house with current brick house by 1856

1837-1855 Ulrich & Catherine Strickler paid taxes on a two-story stone farmhouse on this property in 1853

1834-1837 Sons Samuel & John Holmes (stone house)    

1827-1834 Widow Mary Holmes (stone house)

???? -1827 Daniel & Mary Holmes (stone house)