About us

"so obviously a very close family unit who love each other

and their music in equal proportions"

The Family

The Farey Family are Jonathan, Maria and their four daughters, Jemima, Otterly, Polly and Lily. They live on a small farm on the edge of the Blackdown Hills. The girls have been brought up to sing and play at home, in church, at school and around and about in local towns and villages. The family are a huge part of the local community, bringing their music to many of the fundraising events and concerts in the area.

They perform a variety of music, ranging from original songs to traditional folk, gospel and old-time country. Each member of the family sings and plays an instrument. Most songs are accompanied by guitar or piano with harmonica and tin whistle. Other instruments include saxophone, banjo, clarinet, trombone and auto harp.

Their main instruments, however, are their voices which have a natural blend of strength and empathy. Lots of their songs are sung in three or four parts, the effect of which is well demonstrated when they put down their instruments and sing unaccompanied. Most of their songs include solo and/or instrumental breaks creating variety and diversity.

Maria and Jonathan Farey

Jonathan and Maria recorded a number of songs in their kitchen in 2004 and have compiled an album of 16 favourites. The album is available from Barn Door Records(see Contact details).

The family choose their songs with great care and many have a spiritual nature drawing from the roots of all kinds of traditional music. Many of the songs performed by the family are written by Jonathan who has been composing for several years. Jemima is following in his footsteps with great success.

"all songs were well chosen, thoroughly enjoyable to listen to

and superbly performed"

Individual Profiles

Jonathan alias Dusty Barns >plays guitar, piano, banjo, harmonica, whistle, saxophone, auto harp and ukulele

>writes and sings his own songs

>records with Barn Door Records

>busks on horseback with yodelling!

>plays in several bands

>loves his farm work and music for peace and therapy!


>sings and plays the tin whistle, guitar and piano

>runs local youth drama group

>loves musical theatre

>has taught music and drama in local primary schools

>sings whilst shopping, driving, tidying and hanging out the washing!


>sings and plays guitar, piano and tin whistle

>has recently finished studying music A Level

>ex-member of Holyrood Choir and Chamber Choir

>released her debut album 'Good Days' in Oct 2012

>plans to write and record her second original album and a third album of traditional songs during a gap year


>sings and plays clarinet, piano, guitar and ukulele

>has completed GCSE music with plans to continue music at A Level

>sings in Holyrood Choir and Chamber Choir

>wrote the lyrics for 'Magic Box' when she was 8 years old; this has become a family favourite.


>sings and plays guitar, clarinet, ukulele and saxophone

>member of the Holyrood Choir and plans to join the Swing Band in the next academic year

>recently played the title role in the school production of 'Oliver!'

>has blossomed from a quiet and easy-going child into a cheeky, funny and charming teenager who certainly holds her own in the Farey four!


>sings and plays the piano, tin whistle and trombone (nearly as big as she is)!

>despite being only 12, she can already hold a strong alto line in the Holyrood Choir

>absolutely loves the farm, wildlife and conservation and takes pride in being 'Dad's Little Helper'

>hopes to go to Agricultural/Farming college

>last but far from the least important member of the Farey Family!


Jemima released her debut album 'Good Days' in October 2012, a compilation of 11 original songs about loved ones, family members, nature and the beautiful Blackdown Hills where she has lived and grown up over the past 18 years.

FATEA Folk Magazine claim the album "proclaims Jemima as an extraordinary new talent" and describes Jemima as being "blessed with a magnificent singing voice that soars most confidently-almost frighteningly".

More information about Jemima and her album can be found on her website and the album is available for purchase and/or download from Barn Door Records (please see contact details).