20" Dobsonian

Price (shiping cost not included):

- Structure without optics, including height carbon truss tubes 27 mm and Moonlite CR2 focuser: 6100 Euro.

- Option: Feathertouch focuser: + 450 Euros

- Kit for DIYers and ATMers, including height carbon truss tubes 22 mm and Moonlite CR2 focuser: 4500 Euro.

- Option light shroud: + 160 Euros

- Option 4 wheels or 2 wheels dolly: +190 Euros

- You can choose the optics according to the level of expected quality and the level of your budget (see Choice of the optics).

Nichol Optics: http://www.nicholoptical.co.uk/prices_1.htm

Mirrosphère: http://www.mirro-sphere.com/miroir-parabolique-item.html

Other optics can be included on demand, for instance by John Lightholder or Mickael Lockwood in the US. In this case, plase contact us for a quote, optimizing shipping cost and exchange rates.

Please contact us for any enquiry. We can help you in order to minimise the impact of exchange rates and transportation costs: