Tuesday, January 25th

1: Good Morning. Would everyone please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance?

<pause 5 full seconds>

1+2: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

And to the Republic for which it stands

One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

1: Please be seated.


2: Good morning, and welcome to the Daily 2. Today is Tuesday, January 25th and it's a Day 1.

1: Happy birthday today to

2: For students in the music program, today is an instrument day.

1: Afterschool activities today Homework Club in the Library, Beginner Jazz Band and Jazz Band in the Music Wing.

2: Lessons with Ms. Sharpe are cancelled for today.

1: Again, no lessons with Ms. Sharpe today.

2: Chess Club is cancelled for today and rescheduled for Thursday this week. Again, Chess Club will meet Thursday this week.

1: Also, there are two new clubs starting up on Thursday of this week – American Sign Language, and Card Trading.

2: At card trading club, 5th graders can come trade any cards, including but not limited to sports cards, Pokémon cards etc.

1: American Sign Language, or ASL, is open to students of all grades. Come learn the basics with Ms. Knowles in room 203.

2: I'm Emma.

1: and I’m Olivia. Behind the scenes today, we had Harrison, Ollie, and Ainsley.

1+2: And that was your Daily 2!