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Sick of the daily BS?
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Many people have given many meanings to BTI, but here is our explanation.

The societal arrangements as of autumn/fall 2013 are so incongruous
that most people privately wish governments would just go away.

 So for us, BTI is a statement about government

 Bollocks To It!

The site is about YOU.

Do you really need someone else to govern you?

Study your selection of the following pages
and you will soon see how you can realise far more of your potential.
When you discover the false beliefs on which people have based ehir entire lifetimes, you too will feel that oday's ways of looking a and orgnising governments and their various instittions is not far from laughable.
For sure anyone reading this right through will leave thinking quite deeply, even though in the end she/he may still disagree. The seeds will have been planted, and the cogs will have begun to turn. The wake-up process will have commenced.

This is a work-in-progress

Governing Yourself

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